Thursday, August 7, 2008

Trivial History August 7

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1789 Twelve of the best behaved convicts got an ice cream for sweets were hand-picked to form the first police force to do night watch duty in Sydney. Coz those possums are right bastards at night.

After a customer complained he had found a rusty nail in a cake, the South Oz baking company began using a metal detector to check other baked goods.

1835 John Batman's brother, Henry Batman, parked his prow at Indented Head to see if all the review about Port Phillip were correct , along with his missus and 4 billy-lids (kids).

Oz Slanguage-
Trouble and strife = the wife (rhyming slang). 
And most men (with a short life expectancy!) would state it's very apt.

1908 The North Island main trunk line had the very first train, the Parliament Special, trundling the PM, Sir Joseph Ward and other members, down the track from Wellington to Auckland, which only took 20.5 hours.

The first medical course in Oz was started at Melbourne Uni in 1862.

1982 First proposed in 1967, finally the new City Mall, NZ, was finished and opened with a flourish.
Nice to see you Kiwi's take as long to get things done as what us Aussie's do!


  1. The Parliament Special left Wellington yesterday and will take three days to get to Auckland. It will be stopping in 20 places so people can come and have a look at it.

  2. That 1789 bit is a cool piece of trivia.

  3. You know more about my country than I do !!!!


    Am missing you girl.

  4. Almost Robert - I blogged the entries in advance ;)

    Nice to hear they've kept the tradition going, Angel Gurl :)

    Bet those 12 convicts thought it was pretty cool on night duty, too, Evyl lol.

    Thanks WS, I was missing you and the others, too!

  5. "After a customer complained he had found a rusty nail in a cake."

    A similar case happened in Britain a few years ago when a customer bit into a pie and discovered a rolled up note inside that read: "This pie has been farted on." Apparently it had been added by a disgruntled employee at the pie factory who'd been given his notice the week before.