Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trivial History August 9

 Hope you're all having a wild time on this Saturday!

Nursing Story # ......
One nursing home where I worked had a locked dementia wing and for a particular fortnight we had a lovely old girl in for respite who was nearly 90 and a bit of a wanderer ( we were told), so we admitted her there.
She was very agitated and unable to concentrate on anything for very long; she also had quite a tremour in her hands.
Every so often the nurses would come and state that they couldn't find this old girl but despite us looking everywhere, she always turned up back in her room.
After 1 day of this we flipped the security cameras around and watched the security doors. Sure enough there she was sitting patiently, dressed and appearing like a visitor, waiting for a real visitor to enter and while the door was open, she ducked out.
Following her down the pathway we found she made her way to the outside of the kitchen where she sat down and smoked one of the cooks cigarettes.
Bringing her back up to the home we noticed she seemed much calmer, rational and was making perfect sense.
Discussing this with the deputy DON, she felt there were some serious questions to be put to this woman's son.
Turns out she'd been a smoker all her life but the children and grandchildren decided it was time for her to sell her home and move into a community-type retirement village - except smokers weren't allowed.
So they figured a fortnight of going cold turkey with us would do the trick.
The deputy DON informed them of their cruelty to their parent, with the danger of her increasing anxiety causing goodness-knows what kind of medical and/or psychological problems, and gave them such a polite tongue lashing that I doubt they ever realised they were getting one.
We'd bring the old girl outside for a ciggie with us every chance we got; haven't had a patient so interested in our smoko times before or since!

1840 Captain Langlois sailed into Pigeon Bay, NZ, and thought it would be a top spot for a picnic with his 63 French settlers.

Oz Slanguage-
Park a tiger on the rug = to reguritate one's stomach contents aka vomit.

1870 Oh dahhhh-lings, did you get an invite to the auspicious opening of the Melbourne Town Hall today?
Nup, me either.
Let's weed the garden, it's much more fun....

William Colenso was a pioneer missionary who arrived in NZ in 1834 with a printing press on which he printed the New Testament in Maori. From 1835 - 1840 he printed 74,100 books which he bound himself.

1890 The largest organ in the world tickled the fancy of 4,000 people.
Yes, the Sydney Town Hall organ made its debut.
Minds out of the gutter, now.

The first piano to call Australia home was landed in Sydney from aboard the ship Sirius in 1790.

1899 Pamela Lyndon Travers was pupped in Maryborough, Qld, under the moniker Helen Lyndon Goff.
No idea who I'm waffling about?
Try P.L Travers who created Mary Poppins.

Place Name Origin-
Andamooka in South Oz was the aboriginal word for a large waterhole.
Sort of runs off your tongue just like water...

1908 On a 14 month world tour, beginning in December 1907, 16 US battle ships and escorts that were nicknamed the Great White Fleet popped into Auckland where the Parliament Special train met them.
During the 6-day visit 14,000 sailors were kept entertained.

Aussie Love of Pubs-
Not only did pubs lend their names to surrounding streets but so did, at least on one occasion, the blokes who ran the hotels.
Heffernan Lane, connecting Lonsdale and Little Bourke Sts, was for us to remember Rody Heffernan who owned the Melbourne Hotel that was located nearby in Lonsdale St.

1979 Brighton, England councillors were having a wild old time in the council chambers on this day when they voted to allow nekkid bathing on Brighton's Black Rock Beach.
The rumour of telescopes being mounted on top of the town hall is merely a furphy..

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Shrek.
Jonathon Hardy appeared in The Adventures of Skippy and later in the Sci-Fi series Farscape which starred Ben Browder.
Ben Browder later appeared in the tv series Stargate alongside Beau Bridges.
Beau Bridges appeared in the re-make of Charlotte's Web in which John Cleese lent his voice to Samuel the sheep.
John Cleese had also lent his voice to the character of the King in the animated movie Shrek the 3rd, in which Mike Myers also lent his voice to the character of the title, Shrek.


  1. I must have the most innocent mind because when you said "organ" the first thing I thought of was a heart.

    How sad is that?

    In Chicago, there's a museum that has a giant fake heart that you can walk thru.

    I think I was picturing something like that.

  2. LOL Dina, that's ok ;)
    I just have a smutty mind ;)

  3. When my grandmother had alzheimers, she totally forgot that she smoked!

    The Mary Poppins Festival was washed out in Maryborough this year.

  4. I sooooooooooooooooooo want to comment about the size of that organ, but I'll be good.

  5. "The rumour of telescopes being mounted on top of the town hall is merely a furphy..."

    Oddly enough they do have telescopes right next to the beach itself...presumably because it's so cold they need 'em to see anything.

  6. You write organ, I read orgasm.

    tut tut

    dirty mind me.

    Poor old bird wanting her smokes, cruel kids should be cut out of the will.

  7. Wish I could forget sometimes, Jeanie lol.

    LOL Glad I was sitting down to read that Blisteringspeed :P

    Pepper and tweezers, Brian.
    Works everytime ;)

    I'll pass you the soap to wash out your mind when I'm finished with it, Marita ;)

  8. Hi! Removing simple pleasures from someone who is in their 90's is cruel. Thank you for taking her out for a ciggie!

    Take Care,