Thursday, August 21, 2008

You're History, Mate! by Paul Stafford

Yes, I'm posting a book review on my normal blog because I've been incredibly lazy and not yet loaded up the scanner/printer program in my new PC. Meh.
But back to the book.

You're History, Mate! is a fantastically brilliant book for kids and adults of almost any age, especially those who thought Aussie history was boring.
Nothing boring about this book!

Paul Stafford, who has penned many great kids' books and runs The Dead Bones Society to inspire and encourage reading and writing in reluctant boys, has written You're History, Mate! in such a fun, amusing way that not only will the historical facts stick in kids' minds but it makes kids actually want to read, and learn, about Aussie history.
I managed to read the first chapter, about William Buckley (the Hide and Seek champion) before the book was snaffled by my Dad and then Feral Beast who is currently reading it and cackling madly with every page.
There are witty illustrations by Shane Nagle in each chapter in this brand-new release and it would be a great pressie for anyone with a sense of humour and at $14.95 it's a bloody great bargain!

Loving this book and giving it a 10 out of 10; it should be included in school libraries and as part of the curriculum for all levels.
Here is a LINK to the cover and another review of this great book.


  1. Awesome!!!

    I totally want that book.

    I'll definitely look for it when we're in Australia.