Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Name That....

(click image for larger view)
Hints this week -
  • It's an American kitchen utensil (so the label says).
  • Surprisingly, as it's a kitchen utensil, it's for a particular type of food.
  • It's yellow.
  • That's a red ruler underneath.
  • No, it's not for mixing concrete.
  • Or tile grout.
Have as many guesses as you like, the sillier the better (it distracts me from the cat stealing my cuppa).
The winner gets to have his/her name up in the sidebar and is allowed to prance their smarty pants around the interwebs for a full 5mins.
Loved all your guesses/suggestions - perhaps I'll post it to Brian for those pie fillings? - but no one got it.
According to the label inscribed on the handle it's an "American Pie Whisk".
No jokes about that one time, at band camp....please!


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  2. A slapper for the hand that reaches for a still warm biscuit? Or perhaps for folding. If that is not it, no matter, I think it work well for folding meringue.

  3. an egg stirrer for scrambling eggs?

  4. It's a fly swatter that slices and dices at the same time, thus creating instant fillings for Tesco's home brand pies.

  5. Is it for custard?

    I think my great grandma had one of those but buggered if I know what she used it for!!


  6. Hmmm....I don't have one of those things, but I would guess it might be used to cut some kind of vegetable. and the yellow color is really pretty.

  7. Reminds me of something tupperware would give out at a home party.

    Oddly useful/useless at the same time.

    Does it scrape a surface of some kind?

  8. We try to convince housewives that the red(Republican) States will be bigger, better, longer - than anything with vague colour and holes?