Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Name That....

Hints this week -
  • Unlike the Myki ticket system it won't cost you an arm,leg or your first born.
  • But it will give you a million dollar finish that most politicians would give their arm,leg and first born for.
The usual rules apply - havoc may reign with your guesses, the 7 dwarves may be shot from a cannon, cows can be tossed at random throughout but I draw the line at using a magnifying glass to singe ants...that's just not cricket.

Congrats to Andrew  who guessed it was a type of concrete trowel - it's for those spoon drains at the side of driveways, footpaths, etc.
Another Thing to boggle your brains will be posted next Tuesday.


pure evyl said...

Is it a sander?

Andrew said...

Some sort of concrete trowel.

jeanie said...

My goodness, a tailors iron?

Brian Hughes said...

"...it will give you a million dollar finish..."

It's an ink blotter for finishing off forged banknotes.

LiD said...

It's for ironing out stuffed shirts and windbags like Mr B?

Jayne said...

It could be used for that, LiD, but you'd need a larger version ;)