Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Name That....

Yes, a twist with today's Name That....Thing challenge has been shamelessly stolen borrowed from Evyl's Freak of The Week competition.
Give me a caption for this picture and I'll sing at your wedding.
Alright, I promise not to sing but merely dance.
OK, no dancing about I hide in the corner and play Solitaire on my mobile phone?
Yes, yes, I faithfully pinky promise not to tell anyone in your family that I know you!
Post as many captions as you like, the winner will be chosen by Treacle the dog who will wave her Paws of Power over the monitor to choose the successful entry.

Mz Treacle picked Elizabeth's caption -
If the breeze doesn't pick up I'm going inside.
Congrats Elizabeth and Well done to those who entered and next week the brain might be engaged enough to track down where I hid the mystery objects.


  1. Photos to go with FB's story The Return of the Bush Aliens.

  2. Posh Spice takes her friends on a tour of the garden.

  3. US taxpayers have shirts taken from their back and cleaned out.

  4. Martha Stewart's Better Living Tip 202: When attending Back Yard Orgies don't forget to carry clothes hangers. Remember just because your ballsack is wrinkly, that doesn't mean that your clothes should be.

  5. If the breeze doesn't pick up I'm going inside.