Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Apologies to all for missing yesterday's Trivial History happenings.
Hurt my back renovating Dad's room on Sunday.
Wish I could claim it was an old sporting injury but the Nurses 800 m Flipping Patients Relay isn't a recognised Olympic sport.
Sanding the lovely old tongue and groove floorboards did the nasty mischief.
To, literally, add insult to the injury, The Spouse discovered that when he ripped up one of the last remnents of carpet under Dad's bed it was actually the only thing stopping the bed from going through the rotten floorboards.
So far we're looking at replacing short sections of 16 floorboards.
And all I can do is sit, decorating the joint, coz I'm pretty useless for anything else at the moment.
So, sorry, no Name That ...Thing comp today and I'll catch up with the Trivial History happenings as soon as I can.
Or when the pretty happy pills kick in and paint the world in a lovely lavender hue for me LOL.


  1. eeeeks at ya war wounds from the renovation round. Hope the world is a lavender hue for you right now. Hey your guys are doing well in murder ball "sigh", am a little upset we wont be getting a medal.

  2. Ouch...to the back and the floorboards!
    Hope you're better soon,


  3. Ouch!!!

    Sorry about that.

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. Take care. Us older geezers have to watch our structural elements.

  5. I hope you get feeling better soon. Until then have fun with the lavender painted world.

  6. Pop dem painkillers !!!!!

    The world will be more than just lavender ... lol

  7. yes ouch on the sore back and the rotting floor boards and bank account.
    Hope you are back on board soon.

  8. Ah...now I understand the 'milling timber grain beneath your feet' reference. I should have checked here before responding to the comments on my own site really, shouldn't I?

  9. I think there should be a patient flipping relay!

    Here is to you getting your groove back soon. Oh - and to your Dad getting his tongue and groove back too!

  10. Jayne is now comfortably sitting and issuing order to all and sundry.

  11. Thanks all.
    How did you know about my vibrating cushion, Andrew?!
    Didn't think my orders were being issued so loudly, either lol.

    Hoping to get today's trivial history typed up.

  12. double oh no! feel better soon. enjoy the happy pills.