Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trivial History September 10

Short and sweet today.

Fantastic efforts from our Paralympians and a big thank you to the ABC for their extensive coverage of the events.
What a rush to watch Blade Runner burn up the track and win a gold for South Africa, competing against single amputee athletes.
Congrats to the Kiwis on Kate Horan's silver medal.
Check out the Paralympics Beijing Blog HERE.

1887 Kogarah and Sans Souci, in Sydney, were finally THE places to be when the latest fad was unveiled - the steam train service between the two pleasure spots.

Oz Slanguage-
If it was raining palaces he'd be hit on the head with a dunny door = a description for a rather unlucky person.

1984 After years of discussion the Te Maori exhibition was opened with a flourish in New York at The Met.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Spray surface spray on a cloth and wipe it all over the outside door jambs ; this will help deter insects hovering about in the warmer weather when the door is open more often than it's closed.


  1. "If it was raining palaces he'd be hit on the head with a dunny door..."

    We have a similar saying here in Blighty concerning buckets and thumbs and stuff...but it's definitely not suitable for repeating here.

  2. Thanks for the link to the blog Jayne, will go check that out. I discoevred late last night one of our channels are doing some coverage, but from 11.00pm onwards NZ time. Also its funny you mention Te Maori ( that was a question on nz debut "who wants to be a millionaire programme) filmed in Melbourne by the way but NZ host and contestants and questions. The audience is made up of ex pat kiwis. Apparntly it is cheaper to fly contestants to Mlebourne and use the exsisting set than build our own.

  3. Ummm something like the day poop is worth money poor people will be born without arseholes, Brian ?

    Ohhh I didn't know that about the show Janine!
    Sounds similar to that show Wipeout, the Aussie version will be filmed in Argentina rather than build another set.

  4. The boys LOVE Wipeout.

    Loved Aunt Hepzibah's handy hint.

    Does it work on livestock and disobedient husbands ???

  5. Not to sound like an idiot but what is surface spray?

  6. Surface spray is the insect spray that you spray on surfaces to deter insects from being there.

    Fly spray is what you spray on the insects as you see them.

    TJ loves wipeout too!

  7. Ha, you are flogging Brian's book! How much commission?

  8. Not quite...but for the sake of maintaining the family-orientated nature of these comments boxes, I'll nod quietly and leave it at that.

  9. Andrew,

    Jayne's commission, 50% of the cover price. Amount earned so far, $0.00 (that's £0.00 in English pounds). Nobody buys books off the internet. Correction, nobody buys 'my' books off the internet. I have to mug people in the street with a large blackpudding to make any real sales.

  10. Yes, WS, but substitute the surface spray for a cricket bat ;)

    What Bettina said, Evyl ;)

    Haven't seen the show myself, Bettina.

    No commission on a brilliant book that should grace everyone's bookcase, Andrew ;)

    Ahh ok Brian ;)

    I've heard that Ecky Thump is very effective, Brian :P