Friday, September 12, 2008

Trivial History September 12

Hanging for Murderball  8pm tonight, Australia Vs Germany !
In their new bling!

1854 The first city railway station in Oz, Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, was opened.

Deepest bore in the world was Peter Costello driven in the Blackall district of Qld to a depth of 7,009 feet.
Imagine how many hubbies you could hide in that!

1854 Grab your white hankie to wave, Aunty Muriel ...Taking a year in construction the very first steam railway in the whole of Oz was opened. It ran between Flinders Street and Sandridge Stations (now known as Port Melbourne).

Oz Slanguage-
Turps = nickname for any strong drink. Is the abbreviation of Turpentine, something sometimes favoured by desperate drunks of yesteryear.

1899 The Tivoli Theatre in Sydney met with a nasty mishap when it was burned to the ground.

Place Name Origin-
Artarmon in NSW was named after the family estate of one of the earliest settlers of the area, William Gore.
Show off!

1910 Christchurch became the rubber industry centre when Mr Skellerup established the Para Rubber Company in Manchester St.

In the 1890's almost every man who did himself a nasty mischief in northern Qld stuck a stick of dynamite in his gob and blew his head off.

1981 The final test of the Springbok tour at Eden Park Auckland was thrown into confusion when 2 protesters took to the sky and pelted the match with flour bombs and flares. Fighting broke out outside the park with many police hit with rocks and other missiles.  The match continued with the All Blacks winning 25 - 22.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When hanging out shirts that need ironing, don't spin dry but hang them on a coathanger dripping wet and then attach it to the clothesline with a peg; it will help shape the garment and only a quick iron will be required afterwards.
Hanging your husband inside his shirt from the line is also helpful.

2003 Evil reptilian kitten-eater from another not usually what you'd hear when you're running for election!
Unless your name's Spike....or Beezlebub....or John Howard....

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Let kids play with their food; give them a grater, peeler and a chopping board to investigate what they can do with different vegies/fruits.
They'll taste-test along the way and discover that orange/red/green/yellow vegies or fruit really won't turn them into cane toads.


  1. I am sure I am related to Aunty Hep. Our thinking is simialar !!!


  2. "Turpentine, something sometimes favoured by desperate drunks of yesteryear."

    What do you mean...yesteryear? I still use it as a mizer.

  3. Congrats on your listing!!

    Well deserved :)

  4. Ohhh, that is 100 best in the world. Ok, I am impressed.

  5. Yes, congrats Jayne.:) Love the deepest bore comment. Now hopefully all copies of Peter C's autobiography will fit down there as well. I really hope they don't sell. Who wants to read all his whinging about the bad company he kept and how mean old Jeanette single-handedly kept him from the top job.

  6. Congrats on the being listed, thats awesom. As for ironing in my books its overrated but on the odd ocassion if I have a garment that may need some I often hang it on the clothes hanger to dry ( but it is never ironed lol).

  7. That would explain your ability to strip paint with your breath, Brian :P

    Thanks Bettina :)

    Ta, Hot Andrew ;)

    Thanks, LiD. We could use them as fire starters for our barbies ;)

    Thanks, Janine :)
    Iron is a 4 letter word never to be uttered in my house lol.

  8. "That would explain your ability to strip paint with your breath, Brian."

    Not to mention my inability to spell 'mixer'...

  9. Tis ok, thought you'd been a bit light-handed with your turps at the time :P

  10. Girl you are the ONLY history blog I read. Therefore you are number 1.

    And teh awesome.

  11. That Grandma Mehitabel knows her stuff.

    I just make hubby iron his own shirts.

    Congrats on the history blog achievement. :)

    Peter Costello hehehe. Thank you for the lol. :grin: