Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trivial History September 13

The Aussies won their first match of Murderball 47 - 36 against Germany.
Go Ryley Batt you good thing!
Another couple of dozen gold, silver and bronze medals from Lisa McIntosh, Heath Francis and many others.
Seeing as how the Aussie Olympic team has such trouble in the track and field events, perhaps they should get a few tips from these magnificent Paralympians.

Get your hammer and nail out it's the day of driving the nail into the wall of the Temple of Jupiter.
Or just crack a tinny in your shed.

122 Having the Legions wobbling at the knees every time the Picts went on a picnic was not Hadrian's idea of a good day.
So he had his soldiers begin work on a substantial wall today.

Oz Slanguage-
Underground mutton = rabbits.

1828 The very first bank robbery in The Land of Oz happened when some very naughty blokes broke into the vault of the Bank of Australasia in Sydney.

By 1900 in Kalgoorlie, Westralia, alone there were over 8,000 people riding push bikes which they'd nicknamed " the ship of the desert".

1877 Christchurch Girls' High School opened for the business of the Three R's, on the original site of the corner of Hereford St and Rolleston Ave.

Place Name Origins-
Arthur's Seat in Victoria got it's name from a chappie, Lieut. Murray, who had an empty dance card and climbed the mountain. He was reminded of another just like it back in Edinburgh that was linked to myths of King Arthur, so borrowed the name of the original to give to the new one on the Mornington Peninsula.

1889 George's Emporium and Allan's Music Warehouse, in Collins St Melbourne, were the hot places to be on this day - when a fire completely destroyed both.

Stuff -
The first completely Aussie-made petrol powered vehicle was built in 1899 by Captain Harley Tarrant and Howard Lewis in Victoria; it was a 2 cylinder chain-driven car.

1915 Finding new ways to squeeze blood from stones, the Commonwealth imposed income taxes on every person to help pay for the war.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When buying books as a gift always get the books laminated/covered by the bookstore (if possible) as this will ensure that whether it's a recipe book or something for toddlers, it will last a bit longer.
And the rug-rats won't be able to eat their way through the bookcase contents.

1915 After taking our spare cash from us, they made sure we'd have less free time in which to not spend it by making voting in Federal Referendums compulsory.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Set some time aside each month to make batches of mini pies, sausage rolls or any savoury treat that can be cooked then frozen. Having these in the freezer saves you time and money when you're too tired to cook and let's you have something quick to defrost and re-heat if unexpected guests call over.

1933 Elizabeth McCombs made history ( or should that be her-story?) when she became the first woman elected as a Member of Parliament in NZ.

Water restrictions are in force this Summer.
Do your bit ; plant a lemon tree and pee on it.

1976 The much loved radio serial Blue Hills called it a day after spell-binding listeners for 32 years.


  1. I always learn something cool and interesting here, Jayne - where do you get all these amazing history tidbits?

    And hi from Canada where we are still working on Friday!

  2. I think that I will plant a lemon tree. That is some handy advice.

  3. "Christchurch Girls' High School opened for the business of the Three R's."

    If it was anything like the girls' school my sisters attended, that'd be 'Rioting, (W)restling and Rumpy-pumpy' then.

  4. Thanks Lidian. I have a gazillion history and other books ;)

    Just don't mistake the lemon for the apple tree, Evyl.
    The results aint pretty :P

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiight, Brian.

  5. Grandma Mehitabel has a very good point there. I really should figure out how to make a decent sausage roll one of these days.

  6. I plan to commit a bank robbery. Perhaps they set a good precedent.