Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trivial History September 16

Oh look - another one done and only 1 day late!
If I keep up at this rate I could have all of the days done til Christmas...or till The Spouse finishes the floorboards, whichever comes first!

1804 YIPPEEEE was probably heard all over the new colony when the Govt brewery began producing ale, for what ails you, at Parramatta.

1864 Feeling that they could improve on a building or two the second Town Hall was opened in Christchurch, right alongside the first, in High St.

1879 The steam tramway began chugging around Sydney, from Hunter St to Redfern.
But in actual fact it didn't.
The tram was drawn along by horses until the steam engine finally made it's appearance on Sept 28.

1905 The "Originals" NZ Rugby Team toured the Northern Hemisphere, showing how the game was properly played by winning 34 out of their 35 matches, adopting the All Blacks name (due to the colour of their uniforms) and the tradition of the Haka before each match.

1956 TCN -9 in Sydney launched the very first regular TV service in Oz. The public have been glued to the idiot box ever since.

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  1. Cool facts. Thanks for doing Australian history for the bloggers.