Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trivial History September 17

I haven't forgotten September 15 or 16, I'll post them shortly.
So you'll have to either check your reader, go down the page on this blog or borrow the TARDIS to find them.
Lavender hues permeating throughout the house....or that could be the sawdust from The Spouse replacing floorboards.

1877 Seeing a spot of land to be developed, and keeping an eye to the future tourism industry, the Port Arthur penal settlement was closed down.

1894 Sydney got it's own cable tram service zipping along 4 kms of line in King's Cross.

1902 That wonderfully individual and independent woman, Bea Miles, graced the world with her presence.

1941 NZ Labour Govt did away with the death penalty, whipping and flogging. Although the death penalty was briefly reintroduced in 1950, those hankering for a sound whipping had to do without.

1955 The 6 o'clock swill was given it's death sentence when a referendum found, on this day, that the majority wanted hotel hours extended to 10pm.


  1. 1941 must have been a happy year for those about to face the lash or the noose.

  2. wow your fingers have been working overtime Jayne, hope the back is better? wow at liberal NZ in the
    40's getting rid of the death penalty lol then bringing it back in the 50's - that was odd.

  3. Hoping your back is better too - and that the floor boards looks lovely when the dust settles again :)

  4. A little cat 'o' nine tails was good for the soul, Evyl lol.

    The back is getting there, Janine :)
    It was odd to bring it back again.

    Thanks Kelly, so far the floor's looking solid and easy on the eye lol.

  5. Hi! I'm sitting here contemplating whether or not to rip up the old carpet or go for floorboards over a concrete slab.

    The floorboards sound great but I have no idea how to do it. When you finish yours, can you come over here?

    Take Care,

  6. Tis easy with tongue and groove, Peter, and is very kind on the eye and the old legs over concrete ;)

  7. So how come school children had to endure the whipping at school but criminals not? That seems kinda unfair. Right?

  8. "The 6 o'clock swill was given it's death sentence when a referendum found, on this day, that the majority wanted hotel hours extended to 10pm."

    And the beer guzzling image that the rest of the world has of Oz was sealed forever.

  9. Oh I remember many a story STILL being regaled about Bea Miles in Sydney in the 90s. An amazing person, by all accounts.

  10. Didn't they give you the control word or the PVC suit, Kelley ?:P

    *hic* Indeedy do it shertainly did *hic Brian :P

    She was a fantastic lady, Jeanie :)

  11. where do you find all these fascinating facts?

    btw, you've been tagged... if you do that sort of thing.

  12. Everywhere Goldie lol.

    Thanks CL ;)