Friday, September 19, 2008

Trivial History September 19

Arrrrrr me hearties! Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so swab the decks you landlubbers an' git them thar anchors hoisted to set sail for an adventurous day!
Or just settle for fish and chips for tea tonight.

Place Name Origin-
Ascot Vale in Victoria was named after the British racecourse Ascot.
Because "Dead Heat":, "Won by a Whsiker" and "Scratched At The Post" just wouldn't do as suburb names.

1665 Bring out your dead!
Today saw the toll of the Great (bubonic) Plague of Britain rise to 10,000 dead in just one week. The final figure was over 100,000.

Silly Rhymes-
Daddy is a butcher,
Mummy cuts the meat.
I'm a little Frankfurt 
Running round the street.

1893 Women's Suffrage Day in New Zealand.
Governor Lord Glasgow was a clever chap who recognised real worth which he proved when he put his signature to the new Electoral Act that gave women the right to vote in parliamentary elections, making NZ the first self-governing spot of land in the whole wide world to do so.
Clever little dicky bird, was Lord Glasgow!

Oz Slanguage-
Off like a bride's nightie = to describe someone leaving in a rush.

1904 A piano concert by Jan Paderewski entertained the people of Christchurch.  Jan later gave up tickling the ivories for the post of Prime Minister of Poland.

Near Wingen, NSW, is Burning Mountain, a coal seam that has been burning underground for approx. 6,000 years, moving southwards at the speed of 1 metre per year. The local Wanaruah people called it Wingen which means fire.

1919 The Great Ocean Road began with a bang when Premier Lawson officially detonated charges near Lorne to officially begin construction.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-1971
Keep a tin of mushrooms in butter sauce handy in the pantry and use it in place of gravy or sauces on a variety of meats on those nights when you're just too tired to scratch yourself.

1971 The people of Ballarat waved goodbye, albeit only briefly, to their trams which had been such a grand decoration to their streets for 80 years. Forward thinking historians of Ballarat got together and saved many of the trams, and some track, to preserve this wonderful icon as the Ballarat Tramway Museum.

Floor sanding Etiquette -
One may cheat and use the coarsest sandpaper known to mankind but one will have to explain the hole one has ripped through the floor afterwards.
One may swear at one's tools - this is the only time one is permitted to blame the tools rather than the tool wielding the utensil.
One may frequently stop for a smoko break, even if one doesn't smoke. 
Copious amounts of liquid refreshment are allowed, in any form. One is unlikely to lose driver's points for being full of sweet black tea whilst in charge of a sander.
One may use a hand-held orbital sander to sand floors. This allows the worker to study the floor in depth whilst mentally balancing the bank account, forming a shopping list for the weekend and planning the next family party.


  1. Think I would just settle for the fish and chips myself, my pirate days are over lol, the pay was crap, and the sea sickness tooks its toll lol. Wow at the total number dead due to the bubonic plague. Love that silly rhyme had never heard that one before, but its cute. As for womans suffrage day, some people in NZ would say we are suffering now with our current PM.

  2. Pirate day? Cool! I think I might sit on someone's shoulder and shit on it.

  3. Fish and greasy's sound like the less hectic option for us too, Janine.
    So I'm guessing she's not on your Xmas card list for November 8 lol ?

    Ohhhhhhhhh I could give you a long list of shoulders that need your attention Anja ;)

  4. Mr S wanted me to get him a Pirate outfit for today, but I wasn't organised enough.

    I might just walk his plank tonight instead.

  5. LMAO WS!
    While you're singing "I'm Jake the peg, diddle diddle diddle dum, with the extra leg, diddle diddle diddle dum" ? :P

  6. mmm, fish and chips...

  7. "Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day"

    In that case, would you like me to burn you a copy of the latest Harry Potter film onto a disc for a fiver?

    Silly rhymes:

    There once was a fellow called Fred,
    Who felt ill so he went up bed.
    He let off a stink,
    And his eyes went all pink,
    And when he woke up next morning he was dead.

    (Brian Hughes age 5)

  8. What can I say! Is that the right time to include Rolf H in things? The mind boggles. Happy Pirate day and pass the whiting please and the tartare sauce. :)

  9. Thanks Jayne I nearly forgot.. phew you saved me lol xxx kim aaaaarrrr

  10. With white vinegar on the chips, MD ;)

    Arrrrr Brian, tis a grand gesture indeed!

    Can I tempt you with a calamari ring or 3, LiD ?

    Arrrr Kim, you be welcome a'board me boat any day ;)

  11. I wish I'd realised that this morning!! I coulda spent the whole day annoying the piss outa everyone with my shonky pirate accent..........

    drink up me hearties!!

  12. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, arrrrr ;)