Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trivial History September 20

Now that we've swabbed the decks (or in Widdle Shamrock's case, walked the plank) we can put away the puffy pirate shirt, Monty Python's dead parrot (who is really only having a deep sleep) and slip back into our usual vernacular.

According to Inca legend today is the Birthday of the Sun.
You'll find it shining out of the nearest politician's rear end.
But legends are notoriously unreliable.

1816 Excitement gripped the Tassie Devils when the first free settlers (as opposed to those who came as a full set with every purchase of leg irons) arrived in Hobart. Tassie Tigers, on the other hand, weren't quite ready to party...

Silly Rhymes-
Latin is a language
As dead as dead can be.
First it killed the Romans
And now it's killing me.

1893 Sydney's first regular tramway, that ran on that magical arky sparky electricity thingie, began tootling it's way from North Sydney to Spit Junction.

Place Name Origins-
Ashburton, near Camberwell in Victoria, was named after the local railway station when it was re-christened by Councillor Dillon after Ashburton Terrace in Cork, Ireland.

1908 Sisters were doin' it for themselves and the blokes finally noticed, so they oh-so-generously allowed the sheilas to have a vote in the Victorian state elections.
And we're still cleaning up their mess....

The first electronic chat groups came about in 1929 in Oz when the long range Pedal Radio was invented, and many outback cattle/sheep stations could afford the inexpensive new technology. The Galah Sessions soon evolved with isolated workers sharing a chin wag or 3 over the airwaves.

1916 Henry Wigram wanted to see what he could he founded the Canterbury Aviation Company in NZ.

Oz Slanguage-
Ring-in = a last minute substitute, usually of inferior quality, originally referring to race horses.

1954 NZ was given the final report from the Juvenile Delinquency inquiry, known as the Mazengarb Report. Such a jocular group, the Committee stated that the cause of this rash of delinquency and promiscuity in NZ youth was Mums going out to work *shock*, condoms being available *horror* and young women luring men into having *gasp* sex.

Aussie sheepdog trials were dominated by two brothers for the first 20 years.
They were so successful they trained one of their dogs to drive a chook into a jam tin.

1963 Typically, during a rampaging drought the Govt Powers That Be decided to fill Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra.
The Heavenly Powers That Be took pity on the mozzie infested puddles after 7 months and sent down the necessary sky juice to fill 'er up.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When hubby doesn't pick up subtle hints, use a baseball bat instead.
This usually solves all future communication problems.

1976 The Bring Back Dave and Grace Fanclub will be celebrating the date of the beginning of production of The Sullivans down at the local, 6 o'clock swill not withstanding.

Floor Sanding Etiquette Part 2-
One may leave some of the original stain on the floorboards - this is called "character".
When one finds some knotholes have been filled with old champagne corks, one may leave them insitu as an interesting conversation piece....or when one needs to cover one's next bottle of Bolly.
One may swear at the numerous protruding nail heads one's Spouse forgot to hammer down.
The Aching Knees and Backs Union (membership of 1) has declared all painters were lazy buggers prior to WW1 when they left rings of paint on the floorboards and splatters of the original outside paint where they mixed it in the front room.
The AKaB Union has also declared tools will be downed if member's spouses do not acknowledge the supreme right of Morning and Afternoon Tea, and have refreshing cups of tea waiting for the Union workers ON TIME!


  1. I found it interesting that there were place names in Sydney that were the same as here in NZ. Same people colonizing it I guess.

  2. There's a North Sydney in NZ, too ? :P

  3. "Aussie sheepdog trials were dominated by two brothers for the first 20 years."

    Eventually, however, they were both found guilty and sentanced to five years in the pen.

  4. Hear hear for the AKaB Union! I motion that the DM Union (Domestic Mothers Union) go on strike in full support!! lol

  5. Sans sheep, I hope Brian !

    LOL Ta Bettina ;)

  6. ..and the "Why am I the only one who cleans the toilet?" union joins in support as well

  7. Ohhh I think I have membership in that union, too, Elizabeth! lol.

  8. The Juvinile Delinquency panel might have been on to something. Young women luring me into sex made me the man that I am today.

  9. LMAO Evyl.
    So where do I send the thank you cards...? :P