Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trivial History September 21

Tired and brain dead from sanding with hours more ahead of me, so it's plain and simple today.

Today is the International Day of Peace.

Tis also Pagan Pride Day when all Pagans wear a purple ribbon to "out" themselves and to celebrate the Spring Equinox, Ostara..
I'll be the one under the mauve swathes of ribbon in the corner.

1834 After 5 months of being held captive by Ngati Ruanui, Betty Guard and her children were rescued by British troops from HMS Alligator and HMS Isabella.

1867 After successfully breeding trout in Tassie, the ova were transported to NZ and grown in pretty lil ponds in Hagley Park, nice and close to the hospital. Trout were such a roaring success that salmon made it's debut the following year.

1886 A white woman, who did not speak English, was found living with Aborigines near Cooktown, Qld. She was lured from the camp by the police and captured; fed and clothed they put her on a horse to travel to Cooktown when the Aborigines attacked the party. The Normanby Woman fell from the horse, injuring her head; she later died in Cooktown Hospital and was then treated as sideshow exhibit when locals were charged 1 shilling to view her body.

1893 Hobart was the bright spark in the Apple Isle when it's first electric tramway began trundling about the streets.

1915 An auction on this day stirred a little interest - Lot 15.Stonehenge with 30 acres. Cecil Chubb got it for a song at just £6,600 and then donated it to the nation in 1918.

1965 The ever-scrumptious Aussie actor Diver Dan aka David Wenham graced the world with his presence.

1973 The Whitlam Govt had a spare bob or 2, so they flung $1.3 million into an art investment better known as Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles.

2000 The French athlete better known for her absence on the track at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Marie-Jose Perec, did a runner not from the starter's pistol but from the Olympic Village. She never competed again.


  1. Purple, you say? *winks*

    David Wenham is so freakin' hot!!!! I loved him as 'Diver Dan' and was equally impressed when he played a murderous bastard in "The Boys"

  2. Purple is such a purdy colour it should be worn more often ;)
    He's a splendid specimen indeed!

  3. amazing what people did for entertainment back then, that poor woman, what a way to go.

  4. I'd like to hope they were trying to ID her.