Monday, September 22, 2008

Trivial History September 22

The End is Nigh!
The end to the floorboards, that is.
Well, it will be right after I finish sanding the last few bits, paint 3 coats of paint on the walls and ceiling and polyurethane the floor twice over.
Soonish, perhaps.

Go, my preciousssss, go visit The Shire and join in the festivities of Hobbit Day.

1862 Comedian actor George Coppin, who gave Melbournians  the fun park Cremorne Gardens, the Iron Pot Theatre and the Sorrento Steam Tram (amongst many other novelties), had a bit of spare time so he opened his Haymarket Theatre in Bourke St.

Oz Slanguage-
Off like a robber's dog = description of someone leaving in a hurry.

1871 Comedian actor George Coppin found he had a bit more spare time on his hands when his Haymarket Theatre in Bourke St burnt to the ground.

Place Name Origin-
Ashburton River in Westralia noticed a chappie called F.T Gregory tripping about it's edges in 1861 and generously allowed him to name it after the President of The Royal Geographical Society, one Lord Ashburton.

1882 Not being a great date for buildings, the Garden Palace exhibition building in Sydney also burnt to the ground.

Silly Rhymes-
No more English, no more French,
No more sitting on a hard wooden bench.
No more spelling, no more sums,
No more whacks across our bums.

1906 A short-lived Domestic Workers' Union was established in NZ and, at a meeting held on this day, the Union put forward the demand for a shorter working week, to that of "only" 68 hours.
EEK! The domestic servants of the day were expected to put their nose to the grindstone 16 hours a day for 6.5 days each week, for the pleasure of low wages.
I'm exhausted just thinking about it...could we get a girl in to help out do you think...?

*NOT for the squeamish!
When a cartridge wedged tight in his revolver in the early 1900's the timber cutter from Proserpine, Qld, shoved a metal rammer into the barrel.
The weapon exploded with the metal rammer going into the man's head just above his right eye, through his brain and stuck out the top of his skull.
The timber cutter then walked out to get help, where he was transported to Townsville Hospital, had part of his skull removed to extract the metal rod and was back cutting timber again a mere 2 weeks later.

1957 The golden voice of Nick Cave announced his entry into the world today.

You know it's time to quit sanding for the day when....
  • Your hair is the same colour as the floorboards.
  • You can't actually see what you're sanding for all the dust.
  • You can't actually see the wall you're leaning against for all the dust.
  • You have to grope your way through the dust-haze to find the door to freedom.
  • You look in the mirror only to discover you've regained that flawless, youthful appearence because of the thick layer of dust on your skin (and wish you didn't have to wash it off!).


  1. "You look in the mirror only to discover you've regained that flawless, youthful appearence because of the thick layer of dust on your skin (and wish you didn't have to wash it off!)."

    Why bother. Cher's not washed that Polyfilla off her face in decades.

  2. Hey Jayne, did you know today is my first performance at the Gang Show?

  3. I think that's been glued on with liquid nails, Brian.

    WOOT CL, that's great news!
    Good luck and have a great time :)

  4. oOOooooo Nick Cave........

    Yes, definitely time to quit sanding!

  5. I'd quit sanding for Nick Cave any day, Bettina :P

  6. pass on Nick Cave and the sanding. I know it's all about me? I remember the silly rhyme though.