Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trivial History September 23

The sanding is now a dusty memory and the painting has begun.
The Spouse took note of my grumbling and did the washing, hung it out, made lunches and cooked tea, made me copious cups of tea and, most importantly, bought chocolate!
He's passed with flying colours, I might just keep him.

1856 Queen Vicky signed on the dotted line - she seemed to do that frequently - to proclaim that Perth in Westralia was now a City.

First Aussie-born female novelist was Caroline Louisa Waring Atkinson (who's full name is almost a novel in itself) and her first book was Gertrude the Emigrant which was published in Sydney in 1857.

1887 In an effort to protect the sacred Tongariro mountains from being carved up and sold piecemeal, Ngati Tuwharetoa gifted the mountains to the Crown to establish a national park.

When a miner was trapped in a collapsed mine at El Dorado, Victoria, in the early 1900's, he scratched his will on the side of a billycan and had it duly witnessed by two other trapped miners.
When the bodies were found so was the billycan will and it was recognised as a legal document, leaving all the miner's goods to his wife and children.

1914 The first contingent of boys from Canterbury, NZ, sailed off from Lyttelton Harbour into WW1.

Place Name Origin-
Ashbury in NSW was thus dubbed because it was smack bang in between Ashfield and Canterbury.

1965 Dame Roma Mitchell was made the very first female judge in the whole Island of Oz when she was appointed to the Supreme Court in South Oz.

Silly Rhymes-
Twas in a restaurant they met.
Romeo and Juliet.
He found he couldn't pay the debt,
So Romeo'd what Juliet.

1977 Another war brought the first Vietnamese refugees to City, NZ.

Oz Slanguage-
Mallee root = prostitute (rhyming slang)

1993 The IOC announced it had plucked from the hat carefully chosen Syd-in-nee to host the 2000 Olympic Games.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When you lose your dentures, use the denture cleaning tablets to clean your dunny bowl instead.

2002 The Phoenix web browser was pupped. Never heard of it?
It's better known these days as Mozilla Firefox.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
For a quick pour-over sauce for vegies or meat, gently warm some cream cheese (or cream cheese spread) with some whole grain mustard, then drizzle over food of choice.


  1. well done Feral Beast, he is a keeper Jayne. Love the Grandma M hint.....hey I like the oz slangauge for today....never heard of that one before.

  2. A man that brings you chocolate.... definitely a keeper! yay you get to inhale paint fumes instead of dust for the next wee while :)

  3. LOL Janine, he is indeed.
    Feral Beast is actually my son but I'll keep him, too ;)

    It's not too bad, Kelly, the smell of chocolate overpowers it ;)

  4. Ah yes - chocolate will cure many a malady in a marriage.

    Love your rhyme.

  5. Can't claim ownership to the rhyme, Jeanie, twas a silly thing we used to say at school ;)

  6. Good stuff, Spouse! Now no resting on your laurels... ;-)