Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trivial History September 25

Not happy about this north-south pipeline, no indeed.
If you don't know about it then you need to know about it because it will possibly effect where and how you live.
It means taking water from stressed rivers and environments so we can flush dunny's at our leisure in Melbourne.
No one wants it ...oh wait, sorry...Brumby and his lil mates want it.
There won't be a diddly squat drip of water for the food growers.. the only drips will be the ones strutting about in Victoria's Parliament House.
Nice to know there were 20 police on hand to arrest 1 lone, peaceful protester - ON HER OWN LAND - when there's a scarcity of them in Melbourne on a drink and drug fuelled Friday/Saturday night.
You can read about it HERE, HEREHERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.
*Waving to those subscribers who pop in via the Victorian Parliament Library, Dept of Infrastructure, Dept of Sustainability and Environment, Dept of Primary Industries, Dept of Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah and Blah.

Tis Holy Rood Eve, which is the last day to safely pick wild blackberries as after this date, according to legend, the Devil takes a leak on them.

Place Name Origin-
Ashford in South Oz was titled by the bloke who introduced the pomegranate to the state, Dr Charles Everard, after Ashford in Kent, England.

It's the Feast Day of St Finbar who built a monastery on the river Lee which developed into the city of Cork, Ireland. Legend states that the sun did not set for 2 weeks after his death.

1819 Samuel Marsden, The Flogging Parson, had a hankering for, not Brumby's piddly pipeline, but a drop or 3 of red, so he shoved the supposedly first vine plants in the sod of NZ at Kerikeri.

Oz Slanguage-Got a head like a racing tadpole= describing someone who has been hit with the ugly stick on a number of occasions.

1826 Ohhh Herr Brumby must be having flashbacks, thinking we're back on Norfolk Island and the protesters are the convict uprising which was savagely suppressed.
Oi! You're supposed to learn from mistakes in history, you twit, not keep repeating them.

The world's first female writer of detective stories was Mrs. Fortune who used the pen-name of "W.W". She published "The Detective's Album: Recollections of an Australian Police Officer" in 1871.

1882 Feeling there was a need for healing the sick both the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney and the Austin Hospital in Melbourne, opened for the business of poking unwell people with sharp pointy things.

Place Name Origin NZ-
Alexandra in the South Island was named in the 1860's after Queen Vicky's daughter-in-law, Alexandra of Denamrk.

1965 A riot at Paparua Prison saw 40 police and warders injured in the mellee when they tried to restore calm.

Silly schoolyard rhyme-
If all the world were paper,
And all the sea were ink,
And all the trees were bread and cheese,
What on earth would we drink?

1983 The coldest day in Christchurch saw everyone snuggling down under their doonas for extra warmth when the mercury dropped to 5.9 degrees.

Adelaide's first (and probably only) traffic jam was caused by the ship, the US barquentine Kate G. Pederson, parking at her moorings at Port Adelaide with her bowspirit projecting across the road, blocking trams and traffic.
Oops in the planning dept!

1998 Explosions ripped through the main gas plant at Longford near Sale in Victoria. 8 people injured, 2 killed and the public were told to turn off their gas supply at the meter for almost 2 weeks.
Should have just tapped into the hot air issuing from Spring Street on a daily basis...but then it's mostly methane.

Ponderings on Painting-
Do not fret when the feline smooches against your wet paint,
For her coat will eventually shed and she will grow new fur.
But her cat hairs will be stuck to your wall for all eternity.


  1. Wow - looks like Victoria have again chosen to follow Queenland's lead and focus primarily on water access for the elite and bugger the beggars who need water for their industry... Nothing like governmental myopia!!

    Thanks for letting me win that Name that... thing competition.

  2. A head like a racing tadpole? Now that is descriptive.

  3. Now tell me, you've secretly got the hots for Brumby. *sniggers*

    I hope to hell you're not into voodoo. If so, I'm f***ed.

  4. Got it in one, Jeanie!
    LOL You won it fair and square ;)

    Only to be used when one is faced with the most dire looking fugly, Evyl ;)

    lmfao Anja.
    You're safe ;)

  5. Funny how the pollies have thier priorities sorted. But I now know how Alexandra got its name.

  6. "It means taking water from stressed rivers and environments so we can flush dunny's at our leisure in Melbourne."

    You can have all the water you want from us after the summer we've had.

  7. They seem to put on blinkers when they get into office, Janine.

    Ta, Brian, just ship it over on a tanker, ok? :P

  8. Trivial to some. Balm to others.