Friday, September 26, 2008

Trivial History September 26

I have a very deep and passionate loathing for only a few things architectural; Dandenong train station ranks up there at number 1, a bigger, filthier eye sore I have yet to have the misfortune to meet.
And old lathe and plaster lime washed ceilings come in at a close second.
10 coats of white ceiling paint later and I might, just might, be close to having the ceiling finished. After 36 yrs, much ciggie smoking in the room and gawd knows how much dust, the damn thing has been soaking up the paint faster than a shearer let loose at the pub with his cheque.
If I was still a drinking woman I'd have been downing a bottle of rum each night from the misery of watching the paint disappear into the plaster above me and look as if nary a roller brush or sniff of paint had flirted with it.
But I am winning, winning I tell you *insert maniacal laughter here*

It's the old Holy Rood Day in Britain, the day that, according to tradition, Satan piddled on all the blackberries.
Don't say I didn't warn you!

1790 Hearing that they'd been unsuccessful in getting Grand Final tickets 5 convicts nicked a boat and sailed off into the sunset for Tahiti. Bad luck was still dogging them as the ship was wrecked at Port Stephens and the 4 survivors went to live with Aborigines for 5 years.

1803 Taking pity on the silly sod, the Powers That Be reprieved Joseph Samuels after unsuccessfully trying to hang him 3 times.
You can read about him HERE.

1836 Thomas Crapper was baptised on this morn, although not in one of his flash flush dunnys.

1855 The very first Government-owned steam railway in the whole of the British Empire began chugging along from Redfern Station to Parramatta Junction.
Toot toot.

1865 The Native Rights Act came into being, deeming Maori's to be natural born subjects of the Crown and accorded the same rights and privileges as all other British subjects.

1897 The riot act was read to a mob of 6,000 in Christchurch who were a tad miffed at the return of the religious fraudster Arthur Worthington. You can read more about this not-so-delightful chappie HERE.

1907 Dominion Day was declared, when NZ went from being a Colony to a Dominion of the United Kingdom and a self-governing country.
A public holiday was declared with the pollies knocking off from Parliament early to partake of an oyster supper, lucky beggers.

1970 A few bodies turned up to watch some little known Aussie Rules Grand Final between Carlton and Collingwood, a mere audience of 121,696 at the MCG.
Carlton won by 10 points.

1976 Orana Park Wildlife Reserve in Christchurch opened for the good of education, conservation and research.

1983 Australia II broke the 132 year old record of the America's Cup when it won.

And so I shall take me back to the room of torture and continue my labours upon the ceiling and walls in the hope it is finished before the Doctor Who series finale on Sunday evening.
Or there will be more than a Dalek screeching "Exterminate!".


  1. I really should make visiting here one of my morning rituals - to put me in a good frame of mind for the day. Although the history is interesting it is the way you tell it that I love and it puts a smile on my face. You just keep getting better and better at it.

  2. Hi! 10 coats of white ceiling paint, good lord! It's as thirsty as a diabetic camel.

    The story takes me back to when our youngest set fire to our home. The smoke damage flaked all the paint off the kitchen ceiling. It was never the same, even after the scraping and painting.

    As for you, it's time to shoot your camel and get another one.

    Take Care,

  3. '83 was also the year that I graduated high school and turned the legal drinking age of then 18. So I guess it was a good year for both me and Aussie Yachting.

  4. lmao Peter!
    That camel got the hump as of 20 mins ago ;)

    I'll drink to that, Evyl ;)

  5. I'm still laughing at the diabetic camel, I can see why you got the hump with it and got rid of it. I am stunned at the 10 coats though....I was thinking I remember when OZ wont the cup in 83,I was in third form there or year nine as they call it now.

  6. "...the day that, according to tradition, Satan piddled on all the blackberries."

    Makes a change. It's usually the government p*ssing on our chips.

  7. It ended up 13 coats, Janine lol.

    Or any food substance they can, Brian ;)

  8. How dare you slander Dandenong Railway station! It's charmingly gritty and industrial. However, I won't object to solar panels being installed along with a raingarden to filter out those diesel leaks from the old buses.

  9. Oh Reuben!
    A sledge hammer would work wonders, for a start...!
    Then we could install the solar panels and raingarden ;)

  10. A good primer/sealer might have worked to save a few coats. Just an idea to check into next time.

    Will there ever be a next time??

  11. NEVER, Elizabeth, there will NEVER be a next time lol !