Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trivial History September 27

13 coats of paint.
13 coats of paint that ceiling soaked up like a bar-room lush on a quiet day.
13 coats of paint and it glows.
Actually I think the glow is from the muscle tone in my upper arms.
The floor is basking in it's first coat of polyurethane and about to get it's second drink, while I'm about to get as high as a kite on the fumes.
Join me in the stratosphere, you can see the Grand Final scoreboard from up here and it says....Acting PM Julia Gillard is playing full forward for The Cats.
Go you good little bloodnut!

Oz Slanguage-
Rainmaker = a rather high kick that doesn't go very far.

1851 That staid explorer Sir Thomas Mitchell showed a little fire was still in his blood when he took great offence at an inaccurate claim by a pollie (aren't they always?) that there was extravagant spending within the Surveyor-General's office (Grand Final tickets are soooo pricey). So he challenged said pollie, Stuart Donaldson, to a duel.
Alas the most damage inflicted was a hole to Donaldson's hat.

Oz Slanguage-
Bloodnut = redhead.

1851 The first reported drowning in the Avon River, in Christchurch, found the victim had been drunk. Of the 105 drowning victims in the first 50 years of settlement, a large majority of them were found to have been rather drunk.
Yet none had been at the Grand Final...eerie!

Oz Slanguage -
White maggot = footy umpire.

1902 Dame Nellie Melba - or plain old Helen Mitchell what screeched like a strangled parrot, as the neighbours knew her - graced Marvellous Melbourne with her presence once more and entertained the hoi polloi at the Melbourne Town Hall with the first of 5 concerts.
Coz they wouldn't let just anyone sing at a Grand Final.

Oz Slanguage-
Chewy on ya boot = derogative comment to the opposing footy team.

1927 18 men, bold and true,
Were sworn in to wear the ACT Police blue.
And thus missed out on seeing the big men fly.

Oz Slanguage-
Miss, miss, cocky's piss = encouraging the opposing team in their goal kicking efforts.

1932 Not content to sit at home and listen to the footy on the wireless, Maud Bonney took to the skies to become the first Aussie sheila to fly solo around the Island of Oz.

Oz Slanguage-
Colliewobbles = really encouraging nickname for Collingwood Football Club when they were so consistant they lost 8 Grand Finals.

1956 Finding that their Aussie Rules footy team didn't make it into the Grand Final, the British began blowing up a lot of things at Maralinga with nuclear nasties, beginning with Operation Buffalo.

Oz Slanguage-
Drop kick = often a nasty reference to the lack of grey matter between someone's ears (see my ex for further clarification) but originated with the Aussie Rules drop kick where the ball bounces once before being kicked.

1974 Dr William Sutch was arrested by the NZ Security Intelligence Service and charged with being a spy.
Although deemed not guilty by a jury of his peers his health suffered and he died almost exactly 1 year later, September 28th, 1975.

Oz Slanguage-
Paddock = the footy field


  1. "13 coats of paint and it glows."

    That's what happens when you buy your paint off the bloke at the local nuclear dump.

  2. Actually I think the glow is from the muscle tone in my upper arms.

    This is an example of why you old people scare me.

  3. Ahhh...thought I recognised you from somewhere, Brian :P

    LMFAO Reuben, you cheeky little shyte!
    You, too, will be aged 39 one day, sunshine *grins*.

  4. Oh my - you go for Geelong, you are 39 AND your upper arms glow - we could be twins!!

    Well, the only reason I went for Geelong yesterday is it is just so unnatural to go for Hawthorn and I slept instead of watching the "Grand Final" quarter and woke when they were handing out the medals.

    Aerial ping-pong? Ballet for Boys? Rucking Up?