Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trivial History September 3

I've worked it out - if I forget to feed the wild birds the one cheeky bugger dove gets itself into the shed to dine (at it's leisure) on the chook feed.
Of course I couldn't do the washing while it was in there....had to pin the door open with the occy strap again, and have another (cat-free) cuppa tea.

As if Wattle Day wasn't enough, coming hot on its heels is Australian National Flag Day.
That's today, by the way.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Hang pillow slips from the clothes line with the opening facing down - that way you won't end up with nasty crawly things surprising you in the middle of the night. (Urban myth of spiders laying eggs in ears, anyone?).

1658 That great old hypocrite, wowser and spoil sport, Oliver Cromwell, popped his clogs and went to his final reward.

One of the more notable pearls found in Oz was the Star of The West, the size of a sparrow's egg; fished up from the depths in 1917 near Broome it was sold for £6,000.

1666 Forgot to mention the Great Fire of London sparked into life yesterday (Sept 2).
It was still roasting along today.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Buy an old fashioned round jaffle iron in the op shop (or a brand-new cast iron one from a camping store). These can hold a filling meal within them (try them with cheese and egg!) and cook quicker than the electric ones.

1901 At the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne the 5 winning entries (from 32,823 entries) for the design competition of the national flag were announced as they were all very similar. They were -
14 yr old Ivor Evans (from Melb),teenager  Leslie John Hawkins (from Sydney), Annie Dorrington (Perth Artist), William Stevens (from Auckland) and Egbert John Nuttal (Melb architect).

Something for your next pub trivia night -
The name of the Australian flag is "Stars and Crosses".

1939 Australia, NZ and Britain told the world they were at war with Germany.

Oz Slanguage-
That's the way the Violet Crumbles = to be philosophical after an event. Violet Crumble being a crunchy chocolate bar of great fame and yumminess.


  1. Have you ever seen a German cockroach in an ear canal? It ain't pretty.

  2. No, but if you tell me where the exhibition is being held I'll have a look, Anja :P

  3. Don't know about spiders but I had an ant crawl inside my ear once. The sensation as it walked across my eardrum was one of the most exquisitely painful of my life.

    I'd rather go through the c-section recovery without painkillers again than have an ant on my eardrum.