Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trivial History September 30

It's the last day of September, and you know what that means, don't you...?????
Tomorrow's the 1st of October!
*cue horror music*
All day till midnight!

1659 The last Dutch Governor of New Netherland ( which covers areas now known as New York, New Jersey, etc, click here for more info) Peter Stuyvesant, outlawed the playing of tennis games during religious services.
Now let us pray...40 love...Lord we are thankful....double fault....deuce...Amen.

1817 John Macarthur, who wasn't really the Merino Messiah but a very naughty boy, waltzed his way back to The Land of Oz after an unofficial exile of 8 yrs in the Old Dart on the condition that he kept his nose out of public affairs from then on.

1836 Major Mitchell, who was forever combining his itchy feet with having a gander at anything that sat still for 5 mins, climbed Mt Macedon to see what he could see.
And what did Mitchell see?
No, not another bloody mountain but the sparkling waters of Port Phillip Bay.

1839 Charles La Trobe was quite a nice chappie, even though he arrived in Port Phillip today to take up the reins as the Superintendent of the Colony that he left kinda bankrupt, broke, without a penny, busted, begging and up that proverbial creek, without a paddle, in a barbed wire canoe.

1854 Having a paddock lying lazily about, doing sweet F.A, the Melbourne Cricket Club decided to put it to work and played the very first match on the bit of dirt they call the MCG.

1889 The Northern Territory had a peek into the history books when the narrow gauge Palmerston and Pine Creek Railwaywas officially opened.

1939 Sydney's Manly Tram system became a footnote in the annuls of history on this day as diesel buses *gag* took over the routes.

1962 The first "grievance person" ( aka Ombudsman) given the post in NZ was Sir Guy Powels, who must have had pretty broad shoulders.

1972 The New Town Hall and James Hay Theatre were opened in Christchurch, amid many cheers, pollies getting the clap and red ribbons being torn asunder.

1982 The old gas works in Christchurch were closed down for the final time.
There was enough hot air coming out of the pollies over the ditch in Canberra.

1982 The Commonwealth Games were opened with a bang or 3 in Brisbane.

There shall be a twist to this week's Name That...Thing challenge.


  1. Oooh - that makes it 26 years since my sister got her wisdom teeth removed - I remember the Commonwealth Games were punctuated by her "coffee milkshakes" (poor dear couldn't eat) and "now, back to Moorooka, and the bowls..."

  2. I was living in Brisbane during the Commonwealth Games. One suburb away from the big stadium. We went to the opening ceremony and some of the atheltic events, it was pretty awesome.

    Got a friend who comes from the family that used to own the paddock the MCG was built on. Or it may have been the land Jolimont station was on, I recall her saying that was part of the families personal rail line (a very long time ago).

  3. Aww, the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane! Mum tells me that she can still recall rocking her screaming, then 6-week old baby girl (that'd be me) in front of the tv as she watched the opening ceremony.

  4. Gosh I was form two in 82 and remember we were studying the commonwealth games back them too.