Thursday, September 4, 2008

Trivial History September 4

Play amongst yourselves, Dear Readers, and don't forget to share nicely.

1666 The Great Fire of London was roaring along still, devouring St Paul's Cathedral on this day.

1863 The brand-spanking new ship Delaware had a spot of bother in inclement weather and had a nasty mischief on rocks in a bay now known, for some reason, as Delaware Bay. 5 local Maroi helped rescue the crew including the sole woman, Huria Matenga.

1897 Essendon *gag* won the very first *gag* Aussie Rules Football Premiership.
That was a hard sentence to type for a Swans supporter!

1903 Drivers, start your engines! The Canterbury Automobile Association was established.

1922 In an ironic twist the politicians who ignored him for most of his life gave Henry Lawson a state funeral.

2006 Wildlife Warrior and larger than life personality Steve Irwin died suddenly after being struck by the barb from a sting ray.


  1. "Steve Irwin died suddenly after being struck by the barb from a sting ray."

    3rd September 2007: The stingray, having been tracked down, is given a knighthood and told by the Duke of Edinburgh to 'Keep up the good work'.

  2. It's 2 years since Steve Irwin died??

    Man, that has gone fast.

  3. I see you're an Essendon supporter.

    *dodges the flying knives*

  4. who is Essendon? Or the Swans?

    *hides with Anja*

  5. Is it too soon too giggle, Brian ? :P

    Yep, Dina.

    Seems like just yesterday to me WS !

    *throws ping pong balls at Anja and Bettina* :P

  6. It doesn't seem like it has been two years since Steve Irwin passed. I guess time flies the older I get.

  7. In Steve Irwin's case, it was never too soon.

  8. I am with Pure and widdle it just seems to have flown by..

  9. You guys knew all about him waaaay before he got a name here in Oz, Evyl. Was quite odd!

    That's what the crocodile-fashion accessory industry said too, Brian :P

    Time has been flying again, Janine.
    Peter Brock went within the same week, too :(

  10. I couldn't give a flying eggplant about Steve Irwin, but the Canterbury Automobile Association sounds highly suspicious.

  11. Would it help if they drove flying eggplants, Reuben ? :P