Friday, September 5, 2008

Trivial History September 5

There is nothing quite so soothing than to watch the antics of a ringtail possum showing off her acrobatic skills in the trees of an evening.
Or hearing that your soon-to-be-evicted-from-her-rental-house-due-to-townhouse-plans-of-the-owner daughter might have found a lovely house in....St Kilda!
5 mins walk from the beach...2 mins walk from Luna Park, 2 mins walk to Acland St....the girl's in Heaven and might find her mother on her doorstep several times per week!

1797 On what was a bit more than schoolboy jape, convicts "borrowed" the Government boat Cumberland from the Hawksbury River and buggered off up north.
Bon Voyage.

Oz Slanguage -
Racecourse emu = the name for a person who scours the racecourse for accidentally discarded winning tickets.

1883 Boundary rider Charles Rasp was on to a good thing so, like Aeroguard, he stuck to it when he registered the first mineral claim on a little known spot called Broken Hill.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
If you haven't diverted your washing machine water onto your garden already, then do it this weekend as a pressie for Father's Day.
And switch to Euco Laundry Powder, your garden will thank you.

1896 10 female doctors walked into the bar house of Dr Constance Stone.
The punchline is that they planned what eventually became the Queen Victoria Hospital For Women in Melb.
Boom boom....?

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
When making meals like quiche, tuna pasta, potato/vegetable bake, etc, bake them in small individual loaf tins or muffin tins.
This means they will cook more quickly, saving you time and money on your energy bill, there will be less wastage of food and extras can be stored in the fridge/freezer for later meals.

1944 Former Labor Foreign Affairs Minister Gareth Evans was pupped.
Something his very personal foreign affair, Democrat leader Cheryl Kernot, must be rather grateful for.
Otherwise it just gets into murky waters when you think about it....

The first Junior Farmer's Club in Oz was formed at Glen Innes, NSW, in 1928.
And many satisfied sheep were happy.

1985 Convicted over the bombing of the ship Rainbow Warrior, French agent Dominique Prieur had her address changed for her, from Mt Eden Jail to Christchurch Women's Prison.
Dunno if she the room with the view and full maid service, though.

Place Name Origin -
Arkaroola in South Oz got it's name from an Aboriginal word meaning "the place of the Arkaroo".
The Arkaroo was a legendary snake from the Dreamtime that slurped up all the water from Lake Frome, then carved out Arkaroola Creek with it's body.

1987 Putting their shoulders to the grindstone saw Canterbury Rowing Club, the oldest sports club in NZ, celebrate it's 125th anniversary.
What comes after a diamond anniversary, again?

Three convicts thought of Oz as "upside down land" - so they lived out their fantasies.
They planted out vine cuttings upside down, and built one side of a house 18 inches higher than the other.
They were "assisted" into viewing things the right way up after the 50 lashes each was given for their trouble.


  1. That's great about your daughter!!!

    Very good news.

    How do you divert water from a washing machine? I would have no earthly idea how to do that.

    We need to at least start doing stuff like collecting shower/bath water.

  2. now just why were the sheep happy and satisfied?

    The mind boggles! lol

  3. You attach a longer pipe to the outlet hose, Dina, and have it directing water into the garden/on the lawn.

    Baaaa-ggered if I know, Bettina :P

  4. Hepzibah knows her stuff. It makes for good watering.

  5. "Racecourse emu = the name for a person who scours the racecourse for accidentally discarded winning tickets."

    Nothing to do with how Rod Hull became bankrupt then?

  6. Sounds like the best address to have in Melbourne over summer. What a lucky duck! You must visit her all the time lol. Bring some cakes back for us.

  7. Every drop counts, Evyl ;)

    Nope Brian, although fixing that TV antenna on the roof didn't help his career much, either.

    Fingers crossed, LiD!