Saturday, September 6, 2008

Trivial History September 6

In a classic case of do as I say don't do as I do  -
One really should try to resist indulging in peppermint chocolate Freddo frogs late at night....really one should...

If you pop your head out of the window you will see that the Moon is a wee crescent shape, as the 6th of each month is dedicated to the Greek Goddess Artemis, she who rules the wild things.

1666 The Great Fire of London finally came to a halt, dwindling away to a wisp of smoke at Pie Corner, London.

Place Name Origin-
Armadale in Victoria was named after a pretty flash looking joint I wouldn't mind having in the backyard, Armadale House, that was parked in Kooyong Road after it was slapped together in 1876 by James Munro, who named the house after Armadale in Scotland.

1859 After Queensland lifted her skirts above her ankles and did a bunk on being part of NSW, Brisvegas became the capital of Qld.

Oz Slanguage-
Full as a fat woman's sock = a fun way to state someone is as pissed as a parrot.

1878 The lads and lassies were happy campers when the railway to Dunedin, NZ, was opened.

In the early days of the NSW Colony a mere 4 gallons of run could buy a bloke another bloke's missus.
Cheap at half the price!

1937 Just for Lee, it's the birthday of cartoonist Sergio Aragones.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
If you're tired of showering with a bucket at your feet, then use what's between your ears and divert the water from your 4 minute shower straight out onto the lawn/garden instead of down the drain.
*Grey water must not be stored and should never be used on vegetables, otherwise you'll end up with all sorts of nasty tummy bugs.

1940 The prison ship Dunera arrived in Sydney with more than 2,000 German and Austrian internees from Britain on board. Despite PM Pig Iron Bob Menzies being clearly told these were not enemies, the Dunera Boys were kept behind barbed wire in an internment camp until 1942.

Stuff -
The first organised bicycle race in Oz took place in Melbourne with heavy wooden bikes that had cast-iron bearings, in 1869 - 1 year after the world's first organised bicycle race in England.

1948 Before this date everyone in The Land of The Long White Cloud were British Subjects but as of this date people were now recognised as NZ Citizens as well.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Always have plain flour, egg replacement powder, sugar and dried fruit in your pantry ; with these ingredients as a base you can make any kind of cake, dessert, bread, biscuit, flan or pudding.


  1. Chocolate and mint are pure bliss, it is impossible to resist!

    Armadale is also the title of a fun Wilkie Collins novel starring a wonderful female villain named Lydia Gwilt...

    Love all the interesting things you write about!

  2. "If you pop your head out of the window you will see that the Moon is a wee crescent shape..."

    Take a closer look Jayne and you might discover it's one of the maffia possums' toenails.

  3. Aragones is an amazing cartoonist and people don't realise how versatile he actually is in style.

    Thanks for the thought! :)

  4. That last comment was me btw

    Hit enter too quickly

  5. Thanks Lidian :) I'll have a look for that book next time I venture to the library :)

    Nah, they've filed them on the BBQ grill, Brian :P

    You're welcome Lee, and, yes, he has a great talent!

  6. Hi! Do you want to know what I really, really hate? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. I hate people that bring chocolate Freddo frogs to work as part of their kids school fund raising drives. Why? I just can't stop at one!

    Take Care,

  7. LOL Peter.
    It's written in the Laws of Chocolate that you're not allowed to stop at one - good to see you're following orders ;)

  8. If four gallons could buy a wife, how much could you rent one for? ;)