Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trivial History September 7

Wishing all Dad, Daddies, Father's, Pop's, Pa's, Poppy's, Grandpa's, Gramps, Da's and Male Sperm Donars a Happy Father's Day.

Today is National Threatened Species Day, so pop along to the zoo to admire the screeching kiddies before they turn into screeching adults.

Having trouble with those naughty nail makers and carbuncles?
Then St Cloud is the saint to speak to, and on this, his Feast Day, he might do you a good deal.
( I am soooo going to Hell).

1790 Governor Arthur Phillip should have stayed in bed today as he ended up being speared in the shoulder by an Aborigine at Manly when he popped along to have a word with Bennelong and Colbee.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Make sure your area doesn't have late frosts and plant those tomatoes out, mulching heavily but not too close to the main stem. Fingers crossed you remember to water and you might have toms before Christmas.

1795 The ship Reliance proved very reliable when it  bobbed up in Port Jackson with it's precious cargo of Flinders, Hunter, Bass and Bennelong, the last who was returning from his visit to England.

The first botanic garden in Oz was created in Sydney in 1816.
They loved their daffs, did those early settlers.

1850 The first lot of Canterbury Association settlers began their merry voyage from Plymouth on the ships Randolph, Cressy and Charlotte Jane.

Place Name Origin-
Armadale in Westralia was named by the railways department who got the moniker from the same place in Scotland as James Munro in yesterday's entry.

1868 Gustavus Ferdinand von Tempsky, a Prussian soldier who'd gained a reputation as a larger than life character died in NZ ,aged 40, during an assualt on Titokowaru's pa.

Oz Slanguage-
Grey Ghost = nickname for parking officers as they, once, wore grey uniforms and seemed to blend into their surroundings.

1876 As it's Aussie author and poet C.J Dennis' birthday do yourself a favour - go hunt down some of his witty poems to enrich your soul.

George Guy of Mathinna in Tassie, had amongst his 12 offspring the best footballers, cricketers, axemen and cyclists in the whole state.
2 of his great-grandchildren were older than his youngest daughter, by his second wife, with his eldest son being 60 years her senior.
Proving the old saying -Old aint dead.

1936 The Hobart Zoo witnessed the passing of reality into myth when the last officially noted Tassie Tiger died.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Always keep a loaf of bread in the freezer for emergencies, replacing it every other month with a fresh loaf. Many a meal from that loaf can feed an unexpected visitor/tired family who don't want to cook, etc.


  1. Has your blog won any awards?

    It should.

    I really love it. It's brilliant!!!!

  2. I love reading Grandmas menus and Great Aunt H'shints. They are like our version of Aunt Daisy (whose book I managed to get off my mother). I am fascinated by the oz slanguage

  3. I've won a few, thanks Dina :)

    Thanks Janine :)

  4. "(I am soooo going to Hell)."

    Put the kettle on when you get there. I've had a good look at the God botherers all lined up for Heaven, and I think I'll be joining you.

  5. We go through a loaf of bread a day at least. Our freezer is usually half full of bread.