Monday, September 8, 2008

Trivial History September 8

Had a bloody marvellous time at the Oakleigh RSL Club for Father's Day yesterday; new chefs provided succulent meals of chicken breasts and grilled lamb, calamari salad entrees that almost qualified as main meals and desserts that just about put us into diabetic comas by simply drooling looking at the cheesecakes and chocolate baskets bursting with chocolate mousse.
And of course we had to get in some practice for the up-coming pool comp that we're all apparently entering!

It's International Literacy Day today. So start reading the articles in those magazines instead of just looking at the pictures.

Oz Slanguage-
Zack = was a nickname for a sixpence in pre-decimal currency.

1851 Gold was found in Ballarat.
Gold didn't know it had been lost.

Place Name Origin-
Armidale in NSW was given it's title by the Commissioner of Crown Lands, naming it after that Armadale place in Scotland - but spelling was not his forte.

1855 Queen Vicky signed her X on the dotted line to change the name of the Apple Isle from Van Diemen's Land to that of Tasmania.

The first civilian rifle club in Oz was established in Sydney in 1842.

1866 From the 8th - 10th September the Bread or Blood Riots shook Brissy. With the economy so crook it would have been kinder to hit it on the back of the head with a shovel, government money dried up quicker than a beer in a sandstorm and work stopped everywhere, as well as on the railways. 250 unemployed blokes marched from Ipswich and tried to storm the government stores, yelling "Bread or Blood!" whilst throwing stones at any who dared approach them, including the police.

David Constable rated both his missus Catherine and horse highly; so when they both popped their clogs in the 1870's in NSW he buried them side by side.

1890 Waterside workers, who were on strike in NZ, didn't think highly of the scab labour so they did them a nasty mischief.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Encourage bees into your vegie patch by planting blue/purple coloured flowers; this is the colour bees are most attracted to and will then naturally wander over to pollinate your vegies.

1966 For all us Sci-Fi lovers - Star Trek boldly went where no man (or TV series) had gone before when it made it's debut on TV screens in the USA.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Keep a few packets of quick cooking noodles handy - they can thicken a casserole/soup/stew within minutes if things go wrong, or extra mouths need feeding.

2006 Peter Perfect, aka motor racing legend Peter Brock went into the wide blue yonder in his last race.


  1. "Star Trek boldly went where no man (or TV series) had gone before when it made it's debut on TV screens in the USA."

    Apart from Dr. Who, of course, who'd already been boldly going all over the place since 1963.

  2. I knew Brocky's anniversary was sometime around now...

  3. But Dr Who hadn't been hell-bent on mangling script lines and having the lead actor attempt cross species breeding on every planet, Brian :P

    Yep, Jeanie, can remember he and Steve Irwin went very close together.

  4. I have done my bit and read three scrapping mags and some of my Lee Child's book. Your Fathers Day feast sounded great. I also spent a short period of time in Oakleigh staying with a nz friend, about 17 years ago.

  5. Mmmmm - that Fathers Day feast makes me want to come and visit so i can have some leftovers!

  6. I have read blogs ...... Does that count, lol.

    Yeah I was reading there is fighting over Pete's ashes and estate. They ended up sharing the ashes.

  7. Sounds like a nice Fathers Day meal - yum!


  8. "Gold didn't know it had been lost."

    Musta bin male ;-) Bet it was SURE it was still on the shortcut from Sydney to Newcastle!

  9. Fancy burying the horse with the wife!! lol

  10. *slaps hand* I will restrain myself from making jokes about Ballarat.

  11. Small world!
    Whereabouts in Oakleigh, Janine?

    Weren't any leftovers, Kelly, with my bottomless Tribe lol.

    Yep, WS, still fighting going on :(

    It was Myst ;)

    Of course it was male, Naomi lol.

    The mind is wanting to slip towards the gutter on that one, Bettina !

    Awww Anja, don't do that. Ballarat should be used to the jokes by now :P

  12. "1851 Gold was found in Ballarat.
    Gold didn't know it had been lost."

    You are Teh Awesome!