Sunday, September 28, 2008

Trivial History Spetember 28

Things happened on this date.
Things have been happening in the newly renovated bedroom.
No, not that sort of happening, get your minds out of the gutter.
Floors are done (3 coats of polyurethane), walls are done ( 4 coats of Shade of Shamrock colour paint), skirting boards and woodtrim done ( 3 - 4 coats of stark white gloss), ceiling done (13 coats of anything I could lay my hands on to throw at it).
Furniture is being moved back in.
I finally get my house back in order!
*doing the happy dance even if you're not*

1840 Mass meetings in Sydney were happening as rather ticked off and not-very-happy workers were protesting against amendments to The Master and Servants Act which made "conspiring to increase wages or improve working conditions" illegal.
Boot heel, anyone?

1864 NZ's first iron and stone bridge was built at Christchurch, known as Victoria Bridge.
Likely named after some sheila sitting on her throne somewhere.

1891 Same bucket of shyte, different level - 2 more banks went belly up in Sydney due to the economic depression.
Note the lower case "d", as it wasn't classed as very Great, like the 1929 Great Depression.
But we'll learn more about depressions in the not-too-distant future.

1899 NZ became the first legislature in the British Empire to offer assistance by sending troops to the Boer War.

1927 Tired of the Federal politicians cluttering up the place and sitting on the fence, they shifted their backsides to Canberra and began sitting there.

1962  A fire at Brisbane's Paddington Tram Depot was the beginning of the end for Brissy's trams, when it gutted the depot and totally destroyed 65 trams.

1969 The aliens were piffing pebbles at us when a meteorite plopped down at Murchinson in Westralia, and 100 kgs of rock was later recovered.


  1. Doing the happy dance is what you are meant to be doing in your bedroom...

  2. You deserve to do a happy dance after all that effort, but me, I think I'd be happy to do a happy collapse and vege for the day!!

  3. "NZ's first iron and stone bridge was built at Christchurch, known as Victoria Bridge."

    You're not big on inventive names on your side of the planet really, are you?

  4. My lumbar is all limbo-ed out, Jeanie.

    I'm verging on that promised vege out, Bettina *big happy grin*

    Surely the old girl would have been pleased as punch to know how many feet walked all over her, Brian ? :P

  5. I am impressed.

    Was the happy dance a horizontal Mambo ??

  6. so do we get to see photos of the finished bedroom, okay that sounds dodgy but you know what I mean. I had to laugh at the comment you made about the bridge and how Queen Vic would have been delighted to find out how many people have walked over her so to speak.

  7. We don't do those dances in this house, WS *sigh*, not since the turn of the century ;)

    LOL Janine, I'll try to grab a shot or two and post them ;)