Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gutless mongrels bash the world's oldest flamingo in Adelaide Zoo

Read about this disgusting event on Colin's blog Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe.

Apparently 4 big, brave teen thugs bashed and severely injured the world's oldest flamingo at the Adelaide Zoo.

Have a gander at the great pics of this old bird HERE
Adelaide Zoo have updates and info available about the flamingo's health HERE. 


  1. That's disgusting and so sad.

    In San Francisco, some teens taunted a tiger. The tiger escaped, walked into the cafeteria, and killed one of the teens.

    The tiger was shot.

    I think it's so sad when people abuse animals.

    I really think these people are also the type who are going to abuse humans.

    It's just a lack of compassion.

  2. I heard about the one in San Francisco, Dina. So very, very sad.

    Don't you just love the courage on these imbeciles?

    Speaking of imbeciles, the mighty "S" is back? Jayne, you lucky girl. *sniggers*

  3. I would recommend 150 hours of community service, nude; followed by three years spent in Alice Springs for punishment.

  4. Mistreatment of animals should carry the same penalties as mistreatment of people, I reckon.

    Unless it's connected with pies and chops and stuff, of course...

  5. Dina - it's more than sad. It enrages me.
    Hughsie - the same penalties as for humans? NO - heavier penalties.

    The morons and their PARENTS should be named and exposed on page 1 of all newspapers as worthless. worthless.
    They should be stripped of the privilege of driving a car, of voting, and of ever breeding again.
    They should not come anywhere near ME.

  6. I'm with Ann, given the lenient penalties given by courts when sentencing someone who has committed violence on another.

  7. It is sickening, Dina.
    I heard about that tiger, too, damn sad.

    Imbeciles have been let out of their cages, Anja ;)

    Reuben, only if they're nude, covered in honey and staked to an ant hill in Alice Springs.

    I'm with Ann; animals are mostly defenceless when attacked by humans and the punishment should be far greater than it currently is - and actually enforced instead of these piddly wrist slaps the judges hand down to these murderous bastards.

  8. So long as they're venomous ants.