Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Name That....

Yes, the house has been restored to (some sort of ) order and I was able to find this little100yr old item to tickle your grey matter with.
Actually if you look closely at the sharp teeth on it, you may not want me tickling your brains with it.
So let's use it as it was intended; for a form of transport.
There, that's your hint, go forth and mutter your replies at me, as often as you wish.
Get your name up in lights...or just in my sidebar with an audience who will watch in awe as you strut your stuff on the interwebs as a smarty-poo-bum for a full 5 mins.
Andrew got it - tis an old curry comb for grooming neddies.
Well done to all who had a go (and I greatly enjoyed your guesses).
Go and strut it out, Andrew, while we time you with our stop watches!


  1. It reminds me of those boot scrapers you have at the back door to get all the mud off your boots before you go into the house.

  2. lol - it looks like something I needed when my daughter was a toddler and I hadn't given her her first haircut yet!!

  3. I too initially thought boot scraper too, but transport? How about to comb a horse or similar animal?

  4. It looks like the sort of brush I could do with to sort out my uncontrolable hair...only the teeth aren't sharp and pointed enough.

  5. grGiven that your backyard once contained a smithy's forge and at least one pony...
    I reckon its a fair bet to be a curry comb for horses....

  6. It's not a bike pedal is it?

    Crikey you wouldn't want to ride in bare feet if it is!


  7. Put your feet in it for climbing mountains.

    And now we know what to give Lord Hughes for his birthday next year.

  8. Hi! It's a brake or accelerator pad for an old truck. Go Manly Sea Eagles!

    Take Care,