Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Name That....

Have as many guesses as you like, the more the merrier.
I'd suggest you not use this Thing for poking at small objects in any part of your anatomy in case you peel something off yourself .
There's your hint, go post some replies/guesses/intelligent remarks - which will probably bamboozle me sideways through a hedgerow in my bustle - and get your name up in the sidebar with past winners.


  1. The end, right of the pic, looks like it is to remove bottle caps. The rest looks like it is to dig something out, such as fruit.

  2. Looks like a high end sanitised nose picker.

  3. Orange peeler, or maybe cherry pipper,

    Does look like something japanese people use to pick their ears with but they usually have fluffy feather bits attached....

  4. Yes, it has a bottle opener up one end but the main function is the pointy end which is used as a peeler but for what?!

  5. Think of food not from the land...

  6. Fish peeler??? EEEoooohhhh!
    Gee you could have stuck the other thing up that you said you would...
    would have got that one...

  7. Right, used by a bloke on a fishing trip, hence the bottle opener and it is used for gutting fish?

  8. Almost, Andrew!
    It's a type of fish the title of the thing refers to.
    It's a ----- Peeler.

  9. Most fish you scale, what do you peel? Wild stab in the dark, removing pearls from their shells? No, that does not add up. Give up.