Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trivial History October 1

Bear with me today, there was a gazillion happenings but I'm still recovering from seeing the most awful, horrific butchering of a classic rock song HERE.
When will the horror stop?!

1798 Someone was a tad annoyed Governor Hunter made everyone get out of their warm beds to attend the very first church in they burnt it down.
Read the full story HERE.

Place Name Origin NZ -
Aramoana, or The Spit, on the South Island, is Maori for "Pathway to the sea".

1857 On a spot in High St, Christchurch, that played host to Stranges Dept Store and, later, Butterfields, originally it was home to the privately built first Christchurch Town Hall, which was opened on this day.

One of Wellington, NZ's, very first schools was opened in 1842 in Tinakori Rd by the Buxtons.
Old Mother Buxton, as she came to be known, was still teaching the three R's 36 yrs later, in 1878, aged 84.

1870 The Canterbury Museum building was opened with a flourish in NZ.

Place Name Origins-
Asquith in NSW was given it's moniker by the estate agent/developer who was inspired by the British Prime Minister, and many of the streets were also inspired by cabinet ministers of the British Parliament of the time.
Probably as enthralling as Question Time in Parliament *yawn*.

1875 The very first Aussie postcards went on sale in Sydney, with 12,000 issued on the first day.

Stuff -
The infamous bride left at the alter, Miss Haversham of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations fame, was based on Miss Eliza Emily Donnithorne from Sydney.

1880 The very first International Exhibition opened in the newly built Exhibition Buildings in Carlton Gardens in Melbourne, and remained open until April 1st ,1881.
Dame Nellie Melba's dad, David Mitchell, was rather chuffed with his temporary shack, which is still standing today and has a World Heritage classification.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Box of budgies = describing someone who's very cheerful and happy.

1883 The very first high school that was established under the Education Act of 1880, Sydney High School, enrolled it's very first little darlings to play with expand their minds.

Place Name Origin-
Aspendale in Victoria was not named after any slender, shivering tree but after a racehorse, Aspen, who won 2 Newmarket Handicaps, and frequented the Aspendale Racecourse around which the whole suburb grew.

1886 Dookie Agricultural College enrolled it's first students who wanted to know more about the birds, the bees and the sheep.

The first RAF air ace was a NZ-born chappie, Edgar "Cobber" Kain.

1886 The Alexandra Theatre began entertaining the public, in Exhibition St Melb, but is better known these days as Her Majesty's.

Silly schoolyard rhyme-
I scream,
You scream,
We all scream
For Ice-cream.

1940 Petrol rationing began, leaving many to use shanks' pony (their legs) or their favourite broomstick.

Mr W.A Blacker, a well-known South Oz racing chappie, used to wear a necktie made from the skin of a horse that once raced in the Melbourne Cup.
One that most likely didn't win.

1948 For all you petrol heads - the very first Holden rolled off the assembly line at Fisherman's Bend, Victoria.

Oz Slanguage-
To piss in someone's pocket = to flatter or ingratiate yourself with someone.
IE "Don't piss in my pocket and tell me that it's raining".

1986 Those across the ditch in The Land of The Long White Cloud were cursed with the Goods and Services Tax; originally running at 10% but since 1989 has been 12.5%.

Place Name Origin NZ -
Aoraki/Mount Cook = the Maori name is ao (cloud) raki (sky) with the English bit waving a hanky to Captain Cook's efforts.

1988 The John Flynn Memorial Complex, to commemorate the late great Rev. John Flynn who instigated the Royal Flying Doctor Service, opened in Cloncurry, Qld.


  1. Good freakin' grief. What were those screaming shrews thinking when they destroyed that song? *shudders*

  2. I'm going to avoid the song mutilation.

    Have had my two girls and their 8yo cousin demanding I make them ice cream since about 5.30am this morning.

    You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream.

    But if you scream from 5.30am you get sweet FA.

  3. Celine Dion should be taken out and shot in the pinky toe as punishment for that botched cover.

  4. They weren't thinking at all, Anja, proving that life can be sustained without a functioning brain!

    Wise move to avoid it, Marita.
    Lmao re the ice cream addition ;)

    Can't we just sit her down with a 3 course meal and make the beanpole eat food instead of sucking the juices of out her victims like a spider, Evyl ? :P

  5. The song is horrible.

    Interesting about Miss Haversham.

    Btw, did you hear Violet Murrell mentioned last week on tv in connection with the Garryownen?

  6. I didn't hear it on the telly but I read it in the Hun newspaper, Andrew.
    Good to see her great-great niece win it :)

  7. Is that the ACDC song diva-fied?

    I'm not watching that again, it made me throw up in my mouth a little last time!!

  8. ROTFL

    They WERE deliberately taking the piss, right?

    You know I've never forgiven that woman for not being dead...



  9. It is and it probably made millions do the same, Bettina.

    Sadly no, Naomi, and I've often wished they'd strapped her to the real Titanic.
    *sigh* We can but live in hope!

  10. "Old Mother Buxton, as she came to be known, was still teaching the three R's 36 yrs later..."

    You'd have thought she'd have learned how to spell by then, wouldn't you?

  11. oh anything by those two does my head in lol so the two of them together full stop is enough to send anyone spare. Laughing at Brians comment. What can I say we are a little slow in NZ lol

  12. She was making doubly sure, Brian :P

    Can't stand either of them, Janine, unless they're gargling marbles under 10 feet of water ;)

  13. John Flynn - possibly the greatest Australian to have ever lived. What he did for the outback is exemplary.

  14. Abso-bloody-lutely, MD, pity there aren't more of his ilk about these days.

  15. For all you petrol heads - the very first Holden rolled off the assembly line at Fisherman's Bend, Victoria.

    ...and into the water, as the brakes didn't work.