Friday, October 10, 2008

Trivial History October 10

Have been insidiously sucked into a persuasion, the rituals and tools have almost become a way of life for me and other devotees are over-joyed at my induction.
I resisted for a long time but followers were everywhere I looked and they wore me down with constant references and pictures of their ideas, encouraging me onto the path upon which I should be treading.
I find myself studiously adhering to the routine, almost looking forward to it each night, arranging to have free time to begin my studies and work.
Yes, the reports are true -I have become a scrapbook enthusiast.

1803 Having an itchy foot and time on his hands, Collins decided to set up camp and call it a settlement at Sullivan Bay near Sorrento in Victoria.
This was the first attempt of Europeans parking their posteriors in Victoria.

1803 There's no show without Punch and John Silkhorne got in on the act by upping and dying to become the first bloke to pop his clogs in Victoria, at Collins' settlement camp thingie..

1817 Michael Howe was a rather rash young chappie who took to bushranger like a duck takes to water, after being sent to Or-stray-lia as a convict for highway robbery.
He was nabbed and grabbed on this day but managed to do a runner after stabbing and shooting his 2 captors.

1830 The Lights of Cobb & Co would never have shined so brightly through the Aussie and NZ bush without the birth of Freeman Cobb on this day.

1839 The first land sales went off with the bang of a gavel in Albury.

1849 Tired of wearing out shoe leather, the Sydney Railway and Tramway Company was incorporated by an act of Parliament.

1880 Lamont Young, NSW Govt geologist, and his 4 companions mysteriously disappeared at Bermagui without a trace.
This remains an unsolved mystery. More HERE.

1885 Arthur Howard tried his hand at the first serious case of fraud in New Zealand; he disappeared and left a severed hand, wearing his ring, behind to prove his "death".
Problem was it was a female hand and Arthur got handed 2 years prison for his efforts.
Read more HERE.

1891 Harry Power, the bushranger who took young Ned Kelly under his wing, drowned in the Murray River at Swan Hill.
He was an elderly chap by this stage, having served his prison sentence, and lived with his sister in Oakleigh, Victoria, where his last hold up, only weeks before his death, was to threaten race goers at the Oakleigh Race Course which had been built on land his sister owned.

1892 Proving that real men don't sit on their arses all day starting arguments online, Jacky Howe sheared a record 321 sheep in a standard working day of 8 hours 40 minutes using hand shears.

1975 Across the ditch the Treaty of Waitangi was passed, with the Waitangi Tribunal created to hear claims of breeches of the Treaty.

2000 Wellington-based Hans Schwarz got a surprise when a reply came to the message in a bottle he'd flung over the side of a ship - 44 years earlier.
More HERE.


  1. Oh no! Another one bites the dust!! :-)

    Y'know, I think Aussies tend to know more names of historical bushrangers than of historical politicians...

    But then, as Terry Pratchett pointed out, it'd be far easier if we just stuck pollies in jail (or gaol) as soon as they were elected... save time... ;-)

  2. LOL Naomi, the answer's easy - it's the bushrangers who are worth remembering ;)
    YES! Save on time, money and bother, throw 'em in gaol - they seem to continue to have influence and power from behind bars anyway!

  3. That's a hell of a lot of sheep to go through in one day.

  4. In that spirit...have you noticed how much bird poo finds its way onto the statue of Redmond Barry outside the State Library? It is quite uncanny.

  5. I'm sure he was imagining grilled lamb chops by the end of it, Evyl lol.

    They say animals sense when someone is bad, LiD LOL ;)

  6. I wanted to start a scrapbook for all my newspaper cuttings (the ones charting my rise to fame and local adoration), but I couldn't find one for sale anywhere.

  7. Ahhh, I think you'd need several of the extra large ones, Brian :P

  8. I made a brief descent into the world of scrapbooking. Maybe one day I will show you mine if you show me yours.

    Actually I'd love to show you the family history photo book I'm putting together for my father in law. Lots of old pictures of Collingwood. Sort of a digital scrapbook.

    Don't know how to put it up online though :(