Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trivial History October 11

Another lovely Saturday has rolled around just in time for everyone to drag out the lawn mower and whip that patch of green into shape.
Yes, even if it is the size of a pocket handkerchief or, in this day and age, 1 Kleenex.

1852 The first university in the Land of Oz, the University of Sydney, was inaugurated to knock some learnin' into them thar heads.

Stuff -
Mount Ruapehu is the highest mountain on the North Island of NZ, rising up beyond the snow line yet has a crater lake from which steam and ash spew forth.

1861 The first Cobb & Co coach trundled it's way from Dunedin, in NZ, to Gabriel's Gully on the goldfields of Otago, cutting the trip from a weary 2 days down to a nippy 9 hours.

Place Name Origin -
Audley in NSW was named after the bloke what cast his baby blues over it. It was surveyed by George Edward Thickness-Touchet, who was also Baron Audley, in 1863 and was where he parked his bum on a semi-permanent camp site.

1877 In an effort to break up large land holdings - and to line the govt coffers, of course - the Victorian Govt imposed a land tax on all holdings over 640 acres and valued at more than 2,500 pounds.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Get your A into G = get your Arse into Gear, get moving, get working, etc.

1899 The Boer War sparked off enthusiastic volunteering all over Oz.

NZ Place Name Origin-
Burke's Pass was named after the bloke who found an easier way through the mountains to Mackenzie Country in 1855, Michael John Burke.
The town that grew like Topsy around the local pub was originally called Cabbage Tree Creek (from the name of the creek it was built near), then Clulee, then Burke's Pass from the passageway through the mountains, became the official name.

1932 Whiz kid, politician, teacher, author and all round smarty pants you want on your pub trivia team Barry Jones was pupped at Geelong.

Random Waffle -
Old paisley ties would make some great shapes and backgrounds for scrapbooking.

1935 Dad, Dave and Mum Rudd were left to toil alone On Our Selection when their creator, Aussie author Arthur Hoey Davis aka Steele Rudd, went away to The Old Homestead for good.

Oz Slanguage-
Bloodhouse = a name given to a really rough pub.

1956 Having eaten too much curry the evening before, the British decided to share the indigestion with all when they let rip with their 3rd atomic weapons test at Maralinga.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Mix seafood cocktail sauce with sour cream, a dollop of butter and a little garlic, then gently heat over a low flame.
Serve drizzled over as many prawns as you can eat.
Yes, you may lick the plate clean.

1969 The grand era of steam puffed to an end with the last journey of the locomotive 3801 between Sydney and Goulburn.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
For warm days working in the garden invest in some cheap baby wipes/moist towelettes.
These are great to freshen your face and hands up in a hurry when guests drop in unannounced or to revive one after slogging one's guts out wrestling with the truculent tomatoes.

1988 The Wizard began repainting New Zealand telephone boxes back to their original red colour, from the blue Telecom had splashed them in.
Read more about the Phone Box War HERE.

Great Aunt Hepzibah and Grandma Mehitabel Put their Heads Together -
Cook small scones, cakes, and all manner of goodies outside on the BBQ, in Summer.
Saves energy with air-con, stops the house heating up and if they burn you won't have so far to throw them for the wild birds dinner.


  1. "Burke's Pass was named after the bloke who found an easier way through the mountains..."

    Sounds more like it was named after all the blokes who didn't.

  2. My grandmother's tip was to put damp chux (in a plastic bag) in the freezer and use them for the same thing or drape them around your neck while gardening. Didn't look too fashionable but she did love to garden in the heat.

  3. What a great tale about the Kiwi phone boxes.

  4. Another lovely Saturday has rolled around just in time for everyone to drag out the lawn mower and whip that patch of green into shape.

    Or in the case of the VCE student, resume revision of 'discrete random variables'.

  5. More stuff ~ Mount Ruapehu, when it was spewing ash a few years back, had some dude fly through the ash in a micro-lite. Said dude was my Uncle (now deceased, God rest his soul)

    Burke's pass. Do you realise you have said my daughter's birth father's name?? lol. We have driven through there and Teen Shamrock had her photo taken under the sign.

  6. I've never tried cooking baked goods on the BBQ. We do lots of vege's on it during the warmer months though for that exact reason.

  7. Ahhh, but Burke did, Brian!

    That sounds absolutely blissful, Jeanie!

    I got a chuckle or 3, too, Andrew ;)

    The teachers will do anything to keep you out of mischief, Reuben :P

    Your uncle had big brass ones, WS!

    It also makes it the male domain, Bettina, so it's all their headache while we women relax lol.

  8. If by VCE teachers, you mean "VCAA examiners with more than enough nasal hair to construct a particularly promiscuous wig", then yes. Certainly.

  9. Ahhhh!
    That's where they get the wigs for balding Shih Tzu's from, Reuben!
    Ta, I've often wondered...

  10. Around here the slangage is known as a gun and knife club. If you don't have one they can issue you one at the door.

  11. I nagged my brother in law into mowing father in laws lawn on Saturday. Bloody glad I did.

    Anything with sour cream in it tastes better. I love sour cream.