Sunday, October 12, 2008

Trivial History October 12

I didn't take my own advice yesterday and the lawn is growing before my very eyes.
Obviously 1 lone chook is not enough to keep the grass down.
Or she's having far too many smoko's.

1846 Lawrence Kavenagh was a convict chap who took to bushranging, after he escaped from the escape-proof Van Diemen's Land colony.
Lawrence Kavenagh was a silly chap who threw away his second chance of avoiding the noose when recaptured and sent to Norfolk Island.
Lawrence Kavenagh was a murderous chap who killed several others during a mutiny.
Lawrence Kavenagh was a hopeless chap who was hanged by the neck until deaded on this day.
One hopes Lawrence Kavenagh has learnt his lesson now.

Oz Slanguage-
My name's Billy, not Silly = a reply given when one's cleverness is remarked upon by another.

1863 Several bushrangers took a liking to the town of Canowindra, NSW. So much so that they held the townsfolk captive in the local pub for a 3 day party.
Ben Hall, Michael Burke, John O'Meally, John Vane and John Gilbert were the townsfolk's bushranging hosts until the 14th.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Couldn't see the road to the dunny if it had red flags on it = said of someone either rather drunk or slow-witted.

1891 Remember the Parliamentary mace what got misplaced? Well the Victorian Govt were still rather red faced so they offered a £100 reward for any tip offs that might lead to the apprehension of said mace.
The mace remains at large.

NZ Place Name Origin -
Burnham is also called Burnham Camp, home to the largest army base in the South Island.
It was given it's title from Burnham Beeches in Buckinghamshire, UK.

1918 The ship Niagara parked her prow in Auckland and was blamed for bringing the second sweeping wave of the deadly flu pandemic to The Shaky Isles.
History shows there were already fatalities in Auckland prior to the ship's arrival.

Place Name Origin -
Austinmer in NSW gained it's moniker after one of the owners of the North Illawarra Coal Mining Company, Mr Austin.

1939 A rather big "oops", and most likely harsh words, were uttered when the battery guns on Lyttelton Harbour, NZ, accidentally sunk a fishing boat, The Dolphin, with the death of 1 man.

Encouraging Aussies to eat our coat of arms - kangaroo and emu - might work here but as the Kiwi bird only weighs 4 pounds the New Zealanders might be left feeling peckish.

1956 Still not over that bad kebab they'd dined on, the British let loose their 4th atomic test at Maralinga.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
For a really rich, tender turkey leg roast cook the fowl thing in a pot.
Dollop in a bit of oil, throw it in and brown on all sides before adding just enough water to come halfway up the large drumstick.
Throw in some stock, chopped onion, herbs of choice, some peeled spuds and whack a lid on it for about 1 hour.
Stop drooling long enough to turn the meat over, start other vegies in a steamer and ready the gravy.
When all is ready, serve up, using the fluid from the turkey for the gravy and Bob's your uncle, Aunty George.

1981 The Royal "we" beamed down from the mothership and Christchurch was graced with Lizzie Windsor and Phil the Greek till the 14th.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
For a Christmas gift with a difference this year buy some strawberry plants and pot them up individually now.
They will be well established by the time December rolls around; wrap some festive paper around the outside of the pot and pass on a pressie that will keep on giving to the recipient.
Best of all - it doesn't need batteries!

1991 She who was known to us all as that hubby poisoner Lizzie Birdsworth, actress Sheila Florance, passed beyond the gates of Wentworth forever today.
For details of her biography written by her daughter-in-law click HERE.

Australia and New Zealand could have been the Australasian Republic as early as the 1860's.
Charles Hursthouse suggested a federation of the 2 countries - excluding Western Australia as they'd reintroduced convict labour (tsk tsk) - but although it looked promising, the economic depression of the 1890's (and subsequent defaulted loans from Britain) killed it stone dead.
Money really does make the world go around.


  1. "Obviously 1 lone chook is not enough to keep the grass down."

    It's difficult for their wings to reach the handles on the lawn mower, you see...

  2. I had the biggest crush on Ben Hall when I was a kid and his story was on the tele.

  3. But I've built her a little seat and everything, Brian ! :P

    LOL You, too, Jeanie?!
    He was a gorgeous bloke, was Jon Finch, the actor.
    Wish they'd release the Ben Hall series on DVD, I could do with some eye candy droolin' !

  4. Australia and New Zealand could have been the Australasian Republic as early as the 1860's.

    Thank god that 'republic' didn't eventuate.

  5. We didn't get around to mowing our lawn either.......... and our bunny just aint keeping up!

  6. Can't quite see you as a tiara-totin' royalist, Reuben :P

    Better use the whip more, Bettina ;)

  7. Love the Christmas gift idea. Think if we've got some spare cash next pay day that i will be doing that.