Monday, October 13, 2008

Trivial History October 13

Tis the Roman Empire's Fontinalia today folks: so grab your flower garlands and go pretty up the wells, springs and water bubbler's in parks to encourage the water nymphs to send up a few more drops of the precious stuff.
Or they'll be telling us to have 1 min showers next!

1888 Those future residents in the Red Centre were thought of today when David Lindsay surveyed the township of Alice Springs.

1866 The NZ railway line of the south to Rolleston was officially opened with a flourish of a flag.

1924 The ears of Melbournians were treated to the dulcet tones of Dame Nellie Melba giving her first hoo-roo performance at Her Maj's Theatre in Melbourne when it was broadcast over radio station 3LO.

1933 To the horror of lead foots in Sydney the first traffic lights were switched on.

1934 The singing Greek be-spectacled one, Nana Mouskouri, was delivered by the stork on this day.
Yes, I admit we have her vinyl albums.

1975 A protest march of 5,000 people, lead by Whina Cooper, completed the 640km trek at the steps of NZ Parliament House and presented a petition to the NZ PM Bill Rowling to halt the alienation of Maori lands.


  1. "The ears of Melbournians were treated to the dulcet tones of Dame Nellie Melba."

    Ah, what a peach.

  2. Too chilly to be standing in water today. Yesterday on the other hand was just perfect for it.

  3. Ah - happy birthday Banana Meatskeweri!!

  4. She could be a bit stony at times though, Brian :P

    You could just throw a daisy at a pond as you run past, Marita ;)

    LOL, Jeanie.
    We used to call her Banana Mouse-skeweri ;)

  5. Hrmmm... I have been thinking about decorating my work cubicle... how pagan of me! ;-)

  6. I hear tree boughs and vine leaves are all the rage, Naomi ;)

  7. perhaps that's what my neighbours were doing prettying up the toilets in their front yard............ lmao

  8. A dunny is a joy to behold, Bettina, - in the words of the nightcart man ;)

  9. we called her banana mascara!!!