Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trivial History October 14

Working like mad to shake the house into order.
Coz I'm over dust and sneezing.
So enjoy the short and sweet entry today.
Or not.
*I shall be hiding dusting under the bed.
You'll understand why after reading this entry lol.

Happy Birthday

Today is the Feast Day of St Petra Parasceva who gave her shiny blingy clothes to the poor thus ensuring her patronage to sewers and needleworkers.
Wonder if she wore much Gucci or Prada...?

To You

1066 Some vaguely noted, little known Norman Conquest party happened at Hastings.
Some bloke called Bill did a nasty mischief to another bloke called Harry who was wearing some tiara/crown thingie at the time.

Happy Birthday
1824 Wentworth and Wardell were original blokes with not a great deal of imagination, proven when they started publishing the first indepenent fish wrapper in Oz called.....The Australian.

To You
1829 One of the few times we'd like history to repeat itself is right now....imitating the breaking of the 4 year drought in NSW.

Happy Birthday

1840 With the road from Adelaide to Port Adelaide completed the 2 Aussie Rules football teams could finally get down and dirty on the field.

1879 Aussie author Miles Franklin began her brilliant career, before it went bung, with a quick slip into this world in NSW on this day.

 Happy Birthday

1888 Katherine Mansfield was found in the cabbage patch in Wellington, NZ, but left the vegie garden to go on to become a published writer of great worth.

To You

1889 Doncaster and Box Hill celebrated their tramway, the first electric one in the whole Land of Oz that began trundling between the two suburbs on this day.
Pity they didn't appreciate what they had till it was gone.

The Old Grey Mare
She aint what she used to be
Many long years ago

1940 Harry Webb was pupped.
You might know him better as Cliff Richard.

Why was he born so beautiful,
Why was he born at all?
Because he had no say in it,
No say in it at all!

1956 1957 The world was blessed when Andrew popped in to grace us with his presence.
(I am sooooo in trouble now).
21 today,
21 today,
He's got the key to the door,
Never been 21 before!?

1968 The town of Meckering, in Western Australia, was destroyed by a large earthquake resulting in the injuries of 20 people but, thankfully, no deaths.
Read more HERE.

Hip pip!

1989 The first woman, who happened to also be the youngest person, Vicki Buck, got herself elected as the Christchurch Mayor.

NOW I'm really in big trouble!


  1. "1956 The world was blessed when Andrew popped in to grace us with his presence."

    And there I was thinking I was ancient.

  2. Happy Birthday Andrew. So do you plan to hide under the bed all day Jayne?? Cos thats a lot of dust lol you have under there. Whoo hoooo at you taking the plunge and scrapping (make that scrapbooking). Hows that looking??

  3. Aww Jayne, that was nice to wake up to this morning. However,the year is not right. I am ever so much younger,well a tiny bit.

  4. Gawd I thought Michelle dated finds, not ancient fossils, Brian :P

    Depends on how many species of dust bunnies have moved in, Janine lol.
    Hoping to start on the first layout tonight!

    Oops, sorry, I'll correct it, Andrew ;)
    Hope you have a good one :)

  5. Hmm I know a different version =

    Why was she born so beautiful, why was she born at all? She's no bloody use to anyone, she's no bloody use at all!

    Clearly, completely inappropriate and off topic - oopsie.

    I wonder if it's the same tune?


  6. Ahhh yes, Maddy, the same but much more amusing lol.

  7. Mmmm, seem to remember someone else was pupped around this time, but lucky for a certain skippy person, I can't find it.

  8. Waaaaaaaaay off base there, Madame Admin :P