Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trivial History October 15

Another Wednesday aka Hump Day.

The Ram Mating Ceremony has been going at it on since October 1st until October 20th.
Gotta admire their stamina!

1810 Brush off your jodpurs and brandish those whips -from the 15th until 19th the first Race Week was held in Hyde Park in Sydney.

Oz Slanguage-
Off your kadoova = you're insane!

1824 Journos everywhere, rejoice!
Freedom of the press was formally recognised throughout the Fair Land of Oz.

NZ Place Name Origin -
Canterbury in the South Island of The Shaky Isles was dubbed after, not a rugby team strangely enough, but the Archdiocese of Canterbury in The Old Dart.

1840 The first land sales were haggled over, fought over and went off like a frog in a sock at Portland, Victoria.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Crikey Dick = an expression of surprise.

1851 That banking badboy, sometime con artist, Ben Boyd fell off the face of the earth when he popped in for a cuppa with the natives at Guadalcanal Island whilst doing a runner from creditors in his yacht Wanderer.

Place Name Origin -
Austins Ferry in the fair Apple Isle (Tassie) got it's name very originally from the bloke what started the first ferry service there in 1818, ghood old James Austin.

1871 The Germans in South Oz held a large festival in Tanunda to celebrate peace at the end of the Franco-Prussian War.

Wellington Zoo is the oldest in NZ, the 3rd oldest in Australasia and the 4th oldest in the entire Southern Hemisphere.

1877 Sir George Grey seemed to have enjoyed his time in politics in NZ as he served 2 terms as Governor and then got up again as Premier, pushing the insane idea of "one man = one vote".
Madness I tell you!

The Independent State of Rainbow Creek was an area in Cowwar in Victoria that seceded from the rest of the state in July 1979 and, also, formally declared war on The State of Victoria in January 1979.

1881 A private development known as Lancaster Park in Christchurch cautiously squeaked it's gates open for business, with sporting clubs charging entry fees to games.

Silly schoolyard rhyme -
Giddy, giddy gout,
Your shirt's hanging out,
Ten miles in
And ten miles out.

1895 The Gambling Act was passed with the canapes in sunny Qld which forced Tattersall's to up sticks and shift to Hobart in Tassie.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When building a pergola plant some passionfruit vines around it and soon you will have a roof full of fruit.

1970 Three cheers for the unions who passed a general Black Ban on the proposed redevelopment of Carlton in Melbourne.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Throw a bit of cranberry sauce in the next gravy you make for dinner; it adds a little sweetness and flavour.

1970 The Westgate Bridge in Melbourne fell to earth, killing 35 workmen and injuring 17 more.

Stuff -
The lawn continues to glare at me.

1979 Christchurch was graced with the visit from the Queen of Tonga and King Tupou IV.

More stuff-
So does the lone chook!


  1. The thing about the Wellington Zoo was that it was starting to look like the oldest in NZ. They have stared to upgrade and at least its looking better. Those rams are pretty impressive lol.

  2. A passionfruit vine is sure to attract the possum mafia.

  3. My lawn is glaring at me as well. I will just keep on cursing it.

  4. Those rams in Turkey are impressive, Janine!

    But they're just an added wildlife attraction, Anja....along with the slug guts :P

    Grass has a very thick hide when it comes to cursing, Evyl lol.

  5. "Another Wednesday aka Hump Day."

    I really shouldn't ask. Over here Wednmesday is half day closing...which probably amounts to much the same thing.

  6. I need to put in some passionfruit vines

  7. Hump Day means you're over the halfway hump of the week, Brian, nothing smutty (for once) :P

    Yummy purple splodges of fruit, Bettina :)

  8. Off ya kadoova?
    That's great! I'm going to start using that on the kids.

  9. I haven't heard kadoova for years. Nor thingymybob, or wathcmacallit, or doovery whatsit.

  10. I'm sure they'll love you for it, Tiff :P

    Hang around long enough, Andrew, and everything old is new again lol.