Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trivial History October 16

Another wonderful day...only to find yourself clogged in drear and dull housework.
Revolt, I say!
Leap over those mounds of misery and escape from the mundane for some recharging of the batteries.
I shall be found hiding under the jungle that is optomistcally called our fernery, you may join me if you bring a fresh pot of tea.

1835 Exciting things were happening in the Port Phillip colony with the arrival of John Fawkner and his missus and ankle biters as Fawkner was the first to open a store...and a pub.

After a fire roared through the Overseas Film Service in Sydney in the 1920's, chemist C.T Counsell backpacked 31/2 tons of the ash back to his lab where he extracted 1,000 oz of silver, then worth £162 and 10 shillings.
Proving one man's trash really is another man's treasure!

1849 On the Cape York Peninsula Barbara Thompson had been a castaway who'd lived with the local Aborigines for 5 years before being rescued by HMS Rattlesnake at Evans Bay on this date when she could finally get some decent shoes.

Place Name Origin -
Austral in NSW was called any number of things - and some of them turned the air blue at times, no doubt - but the area was known as West Hoxton until a primary school borrowed the name from a local company, The Austral Banking and Land Proprietary, which had donated the land for the 3 R's in 1891. 
Although the area came to be named Austral, The Powers That Be were a tad tardy and didn't gazette it as such until 1972.

1852 The migrant ship Georgiana was anchored in Port Phillip Bay when the crew had a hankering for the goldfields; after a little mutiny that resulted in the demise of one of the ships' officers, they took to their heels and headed for them thar hills.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Drop your gear = get undressed.

1863 Good old Daisy Bates, she who protected and documented many of the Aboriginal tribes, their cultures, languages and wrote a book on her experiences, was pupped on this day.
She was also, briefly, hitched in unholy matrimony to Breaker Morant in 1883 but this must have slipped her mind when she wed, bigamously, a second time to John Bates in 1885.

NZ Place Name Origin-
Cape Farewell is the northerly tip-top point of the South Island and got it's title as the last vestiages of The Shaky Isles that Captain Cook and his crew clapped eyes on before they buggered off on their homeward voyage in 1770.

1864 Same old, same old - the Stock Exchange of Melbourne opened everyone's wallets it's doors today.

Oz Slanguage-
To get off at Redfern = (obviously for a bloke) to withdraw before orgasm.

1915 The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke, by the brillaint Aussie author C. J Dennis, were published on their own for the first time.
You can giggle over the witty verse HERE.

Maori chief Home Heke played the European at his own game and taxed every whaling ship £10 and also leased temporary wives to the crews, amassing a large fortune before William Hobson put a stop to it.

1936 Kiwi flyer Jean Batten took to the skies from Australia in the final leg of her challenge to fly from England - Oz - NZ.
She arrived at Mangere Aerodrome 10.5 hours after leaving Sydney, with the whole journey from England taking her 11 days and 45 mins.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints -
Don't feed left-over curry to the chooks....unless you want a fertiliser that can burn all foliage on contact.

1988 The Victoria Theatre Amphitheatre, in Christchurch, was opened for the entertainment of the hoi polloi.
And them what could pay.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Finely chop a whole 1kg bag of onions, sautee them, let them cool then spoon into small containers to store in the freezer.
You can then grab ready-made chopped onion for future meals or annoying your other half with bad breath.


  1. I chop the onion and freeze it without cooking and then throw a handful in the pot whenever it's needed. It doesn't thaw well enough to use for anything but cooking.

    I freeze slices of red and green pepper as well.

  2. Housework is so over rated lol, that I am taking a break from it this week and all normal services will resume come Monday. I feel like being creative. Funny you should mention onions a friend raved about this tool that makes chopping onions so easy so I bought it and wow is all I can say. No more tears and yes its is Tupperware but I was so stoked with it I had to take a photo of the finely chopped onion ( I can never get mine that finely chopped)so I could blog about it lol. I know I don't get out enough lol. Also I ahd to laugh at todays oz slanguage.

  3. On my way.......... might take me about ten hours to get there....... that's ok right? lol

  4. It's not too bad in salads, Elizabeth, and the red & green capsicums are very handy pre-frozen ;)

    Ooooooo I haven't heard about this Tupperware beauty, Janine!
    Housework is blah ;)

    Sure is, Bettina, I'll clear a path through the rampant nasturtiums for you lol.

  5. I'm in on the anti-housework revolt. Let's march towards a cake shop and make our non-negotiable demands.

  6. "...who'd lived with the local Aborigines for 5 years before being rescued..."

    Did anyone try to rescue the aboriginees from her?

  7. Ooooooo chocolate eclairs always seem to underline demands so well, LiD ;)

    They knew they could wait her out, Brian, they knew where the bush tucker was and she didn't :P

  8. Joining you with a pith helmet and a thermos of chai ;-)

  9. It seems like the first settler to any place sets up a bar, pub, saloon or whatever you want to call it. Without them people wouldn't have gone anywhere.

  10. Don't forget the machete, too, Naomi :P

    Ahhh, nothing marks the best place to settle down than a pub, Evyl ;)

  11. 1988 The Victoria Theatre Amphitheatre, in Christchurch, was opened for the entertainment of the hoi polloi.

    New Zealand is sovereign Australian soil!

  12. Backs to the walls, sisters - we will beat the housework curse together, or be crushed trying.

    From one wounded in a skirmish.

    Chai sounds great.

  13. It's always been the unofficial 7th state, Reuben lol.

    Tim Tams or Chocolate Royales, Jeanie ? ;)