Friday, October 17, 2008

Trivial History October 17

That pile of housework didn't magically disappear overnight - unlike Carol Brady's good looks - but we can ignore it till next Monday, surely?!
Let's sweep it under the nearest carpet and we will not discuss this again until after midnight Sunday.

1854 Finding there was a depletion in the supply of budgie cage coverings, the Melbourne Age was first published.

Silly schoolyard rhymes -
When you're in the tub,
Think of me with every rub.
Though the suds are ever so hot,
Lather your clothes and forget-me-not.

1854 Being all shiny and new and wanting to show off the bling the Melbourne Exhibition opened.

Place Name Origin -
Australind in Westralia was a not-quite-so-successful settlement that limped along between 1841 till 1845.
Twas supposed to be the centre for trade between the Land of Oz and India, hence the mish-mash of the two names.

1854 Hearing that Bentley got off scot free for the untimely demise of James Scobie in his hotel, the Ballarat miners started a wee riot that got so hot under the collar that the hotel got a bit more than singed around the edges.

An old wooden shoe that was dragged out of the Sydney Harbour in 1949 was nailed to the wall of a pub in Sydney. All the local drinking men popped their loose change into it and within 6 months they'd raised more than £1,000 for a bus for disabled children.

1861 NZ's first club, The Christchurch Club, was established in 1856 with the Club Building completed, and opened, on this day
You can have a peek-a-boo at the stately building HERE.

Kiwi Slanguage -
Fart sack = bed.

1877 Chief Justice Sir James Prendergast tried his hand at goldmining at Ballarat before he got a nasty dose of the jimmy brits and decided to become a lawyer to share his discomfort with others ; he then opened his great gob and inserted a hefty size 11 foot when he declared the Waitangi Treaty worthless as it "was signed between a civilised nation and a group of savages".

NZ Place Name Origin -
Cape Kidnappers on the North Island got it's name from an attempt by the local Maoris to abduct some of Captain Cook's crew in 1769.

1898 A bloke who loved books more than those flighty sheilas, David Scott Mitchell made it known throughout the land that he intended to leave his extensive Australiana collection to the Sydney Public Library so long as they pulled their fingers out and gave it a proper roof over it's head.
Subsequently the seperate wing, The Mitchell Library, was cobbled together.

Oz Slanguage-
Flemington confetti = rubbish.

1898 Lions and a tiger but no bears - oh my!
The Perth Zoo began on this day with the grand sum of 2 lions and 1 tiger.

More people die from playing Lawn bowls in NZ than scuba diving.

1900 Being embarrassed by the high baked bean consumption in Roma, Qld, was nothing when they dug deeper and called it natural gas.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
No matter what you buy someone under the age of 12 for Christmas, always throw a few extra batteries in for good luck.

1937 Lee will shoot me for this but just for him - Donald Duck's nephews, Huey, Dewie and Louie, made their grand entrance into the world today.
*ducks the flying sharpened pens*

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Always keep a bottle of port in the pantry for emergencies - cooking, cleaning and medicinal.

1973 QE II - she who polishes the throne with her backside, not the stately ship - joined Phil the Greek in the Land of Oz for the grand opening of another envelope the Sydney Opera House.


  1. The lawn bowling thing intrigues me.

    When we were in Sydney, the aquarium tour guide told us something like more people die from kites than shark attacks. It didn't make me less afraid of sharks (well, because I'm not that afraid) but it made me scared of kites.

    Now every time, I see a kite I have this ominous feeling. Actually though....I think kites have given me the creeps ever since I read Pet Semetary.

    So now I'm left as a person who'd rather swim with sharks than fly a kite or go lawn bowling.

  2. "More people die from playing Lawn bowls in NZ than scuba diving."

    Funny that...if Steve Irwin hadn't become an annoying t.v. presenter, he would probably have gone into lawn bowls. God moves in mysterious ways...a bit like I do after a few drams of whiskey.

  3. I think the lawn bowls thing is definitely because so many players are near the edge of the precipice of life anyway.

    Talk about living dangerously!

  4. Lawn bowlers can be dangerous to know, Dina ;)

    If he'd had a few drams of whiskey instead, he could be digging up dirt...not quite like he is right now, though, Brian :P

    It's those hats and shoes, Jeanie, they give the wearer a sharp attitude ;)

  5. I don't have a rug big enough to hide my housework under! lol

  6. I think it is all that crouching and the competitive after bowls drinkies that pushes lawn bowls into the death-defying category.

  7. I am also astounded by the lawn bowling thing? Is it cos the people who play already have one foot in the grave? I so know I will get flamed for that remark lol. Fart sack was another one that surprised me, I am such a young thing, might ask my dad if he has heard that one lol.

  8. I'll lend you a corner of mine, Bettina ;)

    Coz drinks are always at club prices, LiD lol.

    I quite like fart sack, Janine, I'm going to borrow it.
    For The Spouse, of course ;)

  9. Scrooge was always my man :)

  10. Obviously the lawn bowls deaths statistic is correct ... there must 20 times more lawn bowlers than scuba divers in NZ

  11. I have never heard of the slang, 'fart sack.' That is hilarious.