Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trivial History October 18

We made it through to Saturday in one piece!
OK folks, you can remove the safety gear now and walk past the hoover, mop, brush and *gag* iron without the slightest twinge of guilt.
Feet up!
Chocolates out!
It's Saturday, y'know!

1869 Building a railway over a mountain range will never work, they said.
Driving a train over the Blue Mountains is a mad idea, they said.
Ohhh look, shiny train track with shiny choo choo reaching over the mountains to Bowenfels today, they said.
All other communication was lost on the Lithgow Zigzag; thank goodness, we said.
NZ produces 100kg of butter and 65kg of cheese per resident of The Shaky Isles.

1907 Seven Surf Life Saving Clubs in Sydney had a bit of a pow-wow and established the first Surf Bathing Association of NSW.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Fagged out = knackered, exhausted.

1909 NSW agreed to peacefully surrender the spare 2,400 sq. kms it had kicking around in the backyard to become the seat what the Federal Govt could shine it's trousers on.

Place Name Origin -
Avalon in NSW was dubbed thus by the romantically inclined developer, Arthur Small, who thought of Avalon as like that of King Arthur's mythical island to where he could retire from the stress and strain of everyday life.
So, chuck on yer cossie and go flash an ankle at Avalon for a ripper relaxin' time.

1924 From the sheep farm in Shag Valley, NZ, Frank Bell sent the first radio transmission to zip smartly around the globe to London, where it was received and replied to by Cecil Goyder.

Oz Slanguage-
Bities = creepy crawlies like spiders, ants, and anything smaller than a size 10 Blundstone boot.

1934 Having popped in for a spot of tennis, the Duke of Gloucester sang for his supper by officially opening the Centenary celebrations for Victoria.

NZ Place Name Origin -
Carterton on the North Island was originally called Three Mile Bush until the good folk there suggested renaming it after their local politician who'd done good for 'em, Charles Rooking Carter.
Sure beats the usual suspect pollies we'd rather call dirty names.

1954 Twas the opening night of the NZ Opera Group's debut, when they performed The Telephone which was also broadcast on the wireless.

Stuff -
What is the point of dust?
Does it have a life span or a purpose or a symbiotic reason for being?
Or is it like an ex-hubby....damn useless, extremely annoying just by being and causes all sorts of allergies/illnesses that puts good people off their tucker.


  1. I'm with you on the dust = ex hubby theory of serving no purpose other than to annoy and make ill.

  2. I feel no guilt about ignoring housework lol. Is that a bad thing?? lol Laughing at the dust comment though.

  3. Pity we can't hoover them up with the useless dust, Bettina.

    LOL, no, Janine, it's mandatory to ignore it ;)

  4. you know dust is just dead things and skin flakes, right? Maybe Michael Jackson had the right idea with the face mask.

  5. "From the sheep farm in Shag Valley, NZ, Frank Bell sent the first radio transmission to zip smartly around the globe to London..."

    '...need more sheep stop appetite ravenous stop send women if sheep not available stop...'

    Well, these vallies don't get names like without good reason.

  6. Hi! My ears pricked up when you mentioned chocolates. Every Christmas my wife gets this little Santa Basket and fills it full of Cadbury Favourites. You know, the miniature ones. She hangs it on the hall-stand, so when visitors come they can help themselves. Unfortunately, me being Santa's helper, I get to them first. Not one, but the lot.

    What chocolates do you love? and, Do you stop at one?

    Take Care,

  7. Because he's really just another dead thing, Kelley ?:P

    I was biting my tongue, Brian LOL.

    Can't stop at just one, Peter, and the favs have to be the peppermint Freddo frogs...after midnight, coz then the calories don't count toward the previous day's intake :P