Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trivial History October 19

Yes, yes, I'm late.
Spent the day in the wilds of St Kilda with daughter Feral Queen, running amok amidst the local natives and the wildlife.
Had a ball....a Leo's Spaghetti Bar meatball, that is.

1833 Great Aussie poet, who wasn't too shabby on the back of a horse, Adam Lindsay Gordon was pupped.

1945 The War Widow's Guild of Australia was formed.

1966 NZ went all the way with LBJ for the US President's whirl-wind 24 hour visit.

1976 The Bring Back Dave and Grace Mob were glued to their idiot boxes in Melbourne when the object of their obsession premiered on the idiot box, The Sullivans.

1979 The Aussie Federal Police were formed.


  1. okay this is where I confess that our family loved the Sullivans. I was quite sad when the prog ended. Thinking back now I am positive I didn't understand half of what went on. But it is something our family would sit and watch together.

  2. We loved it too, Janine.
    To join the Bring Back Dave and Grace Mob just line up here ;)

  3. It was the beginning of a long friendship with the brother friends when we and some others met at Leo's for a meal. Come the time to settle the bill, they spat out, 'they had beers, we didn't, so we should pay less'. Of course they should and we would have ensured that they would have paid less. We took from that, that is how things are, and although they have mellowed a little with us in the area over the years, they have not disappointed us much in continuing along the original line they took. And Jayne, go to St Kilda on a weekday when there aren't all the middle suburban people around.

  4. I shall, Andrew, it was like a circus had come to town!
    Though I think half the population explosion were the visitors on leashes ;)
    Loved walking up the quieter side and back streets gawping at the genteel olde worlde architecture and picking which houses/mansions we wanted to snaffle to plonk in the backyard lol.