Monday, October 20, 2008

Trivial History October 20

A glorious Monday to be had by all!
If you say it often enough you might eventually believe it.

1792 The old original pub owner himself, John Pascoe Fawkner, was found in the cabbage patch.

Place Name Origin -
Avalon in Victoria was named by another romantic chap, James Austin -who was so romantic he introduced the dreaded underground mutton aka rabbits to Oz - after he'd bought a renovators delight back in England known as Glastonbury Abbey.

1862 The little engine that could got up it's steam to find that the railway line from Melbourne had finally reached Sandhurst (now known as Bendigo).

NZ Place Name Origin -
Christchurch on the South Island was dubbed thus by the Canterbury Association at their first meeting in March 1848, naming it after the Christ Church College at Oxford University.

1899 The world's oldest blogger, Olive Riley, was born in Broken Hill and began her blog The Life of Riley in 2007.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Gizza = give us a (look, cake, go, etc).

1948 The NZ art world were asking "Who flung dung?!" when the Pleasure Garden painting was exhibited and aged art critics (who probably thought Impressionism was a prescription for myopia) reeled in horror at the Francis Hodgkins painting.
Read more of the stuff and nonsense HERE.

Oz Slanguage-
Blue-nosed wowser = party pooper, tea-totaler, a real kill joy.

1964 Those pork pie hats were huge in this decade...and in the new Melbourne cop show, Homicide.

There is no tree on Auckland's One Tree Hill.
A 125 yr old pine that graced the top was thought to be in danger of toppling in high winds, so they saved it the trouble and chopped it down.
A sapling has been stuck in the ground to replace it.

1973 The White Sails on Sydney Harbour, better known as The Sydney Opera House, was officially opened by Her Maj.

Many years ago the Maldon Brass Band played its way through the streets of the town with a herd of 20 cows and calves following in line behind as they made their way down to the banks of the Loddon River.
The bovines then sat down in front of the band and listened to them all afternoon, only leaving when the concert was finished for the day and they then returned to their paddock.


  1. "A glorious Monday to be had by all!
    If you say it often enough you might eventually believe it."

    Not really, seeing as it's only Sunday evening here in Blighty. I can tell because the Antiques Roadshow's on downstairs. If anything happens today that you feel I ought to be forewarned about, let me know won't you because that'll give all night to prepare.

  2. Underground mutton. That's beautiful. I love all these terms. :)

  3. Well, you want to watch out for the sunrise this morning, Brian, it's a tad bright on the eyeballs.

    Not too beautiful to eat, but passable if simmered for several hours in a slow cooker, Anja ;)

  4. Victoria's One Tree Hill in the Dandenong Ranges has a forest upon it.

  5. I've often wondered which was the "one tree" amongst the forest of wood, Andrew lol.

  6. blech. Monday.

    Not so bad now our training night has been moved though!

    underground mutton - lol! they are cat food around this house!

  7. That's a double whammy, having training on a Monday, of all days, Bettina!

  8. Yes, was sad when the tree was attacked it was just plain odd seeing it with no tree and still being called one tree hill. We love City Homocide and is high on our Monday night viewing.

  9. I was very sad to hear of Olive's death recently. May she be a blogging inspiration to us all!

  10. Would have been very weird, Janine!

    She is sorely missed, MD.