Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trivial History October 23

 Posting this a tad early to share the pics and the story of the failed Convict Settlement at Sullivan Bay, near Sorrento, which was part of Feral Beast's schoolwork this week.

Click on the images for a larger view.
Info board directly above where the settlement was established.

1786 Poor old Barron Field, Aussie Judge and poet, was pupped and cruelly named by his parents.
An unnamed critic panned the poor chap's poetry with this mocking reply -
Thy poems, Barron Field, I've read,
And thus adjudge their meed,
So poor a crop proclaims thy head,
A barren field indeed.

View from J.P Fawkner Lookout, above where the settlement was.
1803 The good old Rev. Robert Knopwood, who could spy a good tipple at 50 paces, conducted the first Christian service at Port Phillip.
Aptly enough, right where we were today at Sullivan Bay near Sorrento.

Cliff-face at beach level.

1833 A group of houses at Muscle Brook was declared long, loud and to all who would listen as a Town.
It's better known these days as Muswellbrook.

The "harsh" scenery we were forced to gaze at while having a rest.

1874 The beautifully designed Canterbury Club Building was inaugurated.

Bathing laws of days, thankfully, gone by!
Coppin's famed sea-baths were demolished in 1986.

1948 NZ air-crash -13 were killed when the Lockheed Electra "Kaka" crashed into Mt Ruapehu.

Some bits'n'bobs of Coppin's doing that drew the hoi polloi to Sorrento.

1976 Bonnie Tyler wasn't crooning that ballad "Total Eclipse of the Fart Heart " but there was a total eclipse happenin' with the sun in south-east Oz.

That lovely Sorrento Pier.

1978 Archie Thompson, the celebrated Melbourne Victory Soccer player, was pupped in Otorohanga, NZ.
*Now I'm starting to feel old*

Remains of the platform and tracks of Coppin's steam tram.

1985 The Westralia Govt stamped it's collective foot and warned, with a wagging finger no doubt, that the Riot Act would be read if the rival America's Cup crews didn't stop throwing tanties at each other.

Spied this horse-drawn tram tucked away in a yard.
Had a really "rough" day enduring lovely weather, lovely views and cramming knowledge into FB's noggin.
Sorrento is a must-see for natives and tourists alike.

Had to add - the Portsea Passenger Service must have some of the most friendliest, helpful and gregarious bus drivers around. 10 out of 10 for service.


  1. "NZ air-crash -13 were killed"

    Minus thirteen? That beats the largest number of ressurected dead I've come across so far. i.e. The various band members of Take That.

  2. Where to start, what is that bit of land called on the other side of the bay? Point Lonsdale is it?

    1976 eclipse is the one I remember. The birds started to roost and the street lights came on.

    Californian bathers. Never heard of them. Demolished as late as 1986!

    Is that really the remains of the Sorrento steam tram platform and rails?

    'the Portsea Passenger Service must have some of the most friendliest, helpful and gregarious bus drivers around'.
    What, the bus driver grunted back to you when you said hi?

  3. You forgot Pete Doherty, Guy Ritchie and Amy Winehouse's collective careers, Brian.
    Oh and Princess Anne, Cap Phillips, Tim "Mr. Princess Anne Mk II" Lawrence.

    LOL Andrew.
    Steam tram rails original yes, platform possibly replaced in recent times but on the original spot.
    Yeah, 1986, so the culprits could still be alive to give a bum kicking to.
    Seriously those bus drivers are fantastic :)

  4. "Oh and Princess Anne, Cap Phillips, Tim "Mr. Princess Anne Mk II" Lawrence."

    Nah...I didn't forget, Jayne. It's just that they're all classified as the undead already in my book.

  5. wow I just loved the views, the close up of the cliff face was interesting. What a great day you had.

  6. Ta, Robert...unless you mean the tram?

    You're welcome, Elizabeth :)

    Fab views made the hiking (and climbing over rocks) enjoyable, Janine lol.

  7. Now I'll have that Bonnie Tyler tune stuck in my head for days. Thanks.

  8. I knew there was a short lived settlement at Sorrento but did not realise it was a penal settlement.

    I enjoy coming here to learn my Aussie history - in the entertaining way you present it. Have not had time for a while so having a good catch up now.

  9. Thankee, Robert ;)

    You're welcome, Evyl. Or I could throw (up) in some Achy Breaky Heart to torment you :P

    Thanks, Sue, enjoy :)

  10. I enjoyed my tour of Sorrento. Thanks Jayne. Great photos - poor old convicts didn't get that view for long.

  11. You're welcome, LiD, the view is magnificent!