Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trivial History October 26

A few bits 'n' bobs to keep you out of mischief while I plot and plan my world domination.
It's that or a batch of scones for morning tea....

1795 Bass and Flinders were having a quiet lull whilst fishing so they went for a wander in their boat the Tom Thumb and had a good gander at Botany Bay and the George's River.

Place Name Origin-
Axedale and Axe Creek, near Bendigo in Victoria, were titled as such in memory of the Axe River in Dorset, England.

Ayers Rock was named by a brown noser explorer William Gosse in 1873 to honour the Premier of South Oz, Sir Henry Ayers. It's Aboriginal name, Uluru, has no meaning at all.

Ayr in Qld was given the once over, surveyed and christened by forgetful Qld Premier Sir Thomas McIlwraith to remind him of his birthplace in Scotland.

1796 Mermaid the whaling ship , not the mythical fish swimming in your cornflakes, sighted the Kaikoura Mountains in NZ.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Amped = excited.

1835 Get the milking bucket ready, Ma, the first livestock was landed (in one piece) at Williamstown, Victoria.

NZ Place Name Origin -
Collingwood in the South Island was given the handle of Lord Nelson's second in command at The Battle of Trafalgar. Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, pip pip.

1838 Future Cats fans were cheering loudly when Geelong was proclaimed a town site.

Oz Slanguage-
Wool-classer = a dog that bites sheep.

1863 Liking the way the wind swept their hair back in Christchurch, the Chamber of Commerce upped sticks from Lyttelton and shifted.

James Hunt, he who fell over the Thames goldfield in NZ, earned £100,000 then bought his missus the carriage the Duke of Edinburgh had used in Sydney.
Splashing money around like that ends the same way as water - it soon evaporates and James found himself in Coolgardie, Westralia, by 1894 flat broke.

1878 The Kelly Gang were sinking fast when they killed 3 policemen at Stringybark Creek.

Silly joke -
What did one tonsil say to the other tonsil?
You better get dressed, doctor's taking us out tonight.

1940 With nary a wave of a hanky or a hoo-roo the last cable tram zipped along Melbourne streets for the final time at 9pm.

Stuff -
The Kiwi's had the first (and possibly only) documented example of exploding trousers.

1942 NZ passed the Women Juror's Act which allowed for sheilas aged between 25 - 60 (mellowed like a nice cab sav), to sit on juries and pass their opinion.

The first privatisation of port facilities in Oz came about when the govt sold the port of Portland (Victoria) to Scott Corporation in 1996.

1958 Wreckage of the plane The Southern Cloud, which was lost in 1931, was found in the Snowy Mountains.

Blog Filler Muzak -
La la la lalalalalala la la la lala la la 
(The Girl from Ipanema)

1984 The final goods train departed from Darling Harbour to the sounds of the Funeral March played by the NSW Transport Workers Union Band, as the area was being demolished and redeveloped as a tourist eyesore spot for the Bi-Centenary.

There was an old man from Blackheath
Who sat on his set of false teeth.
He said, with a start,
"Oh dear, bless my heart,
I've bitten myself underneath."

1985 Freehold title to Ayers Rock and the Uluru National Park were handed over to the Mutijulu Aboriginal Community.

Brian has things a'happening over at his site.
Go and see for yourself if you don't believe me.

2002 Federation Square in Melbourne ( the odd space opposite Flinders Street station) was officially opened by *gag* Premier Steve Bracks even though some features weren't quite finished.

Kim has been teasing and tormenting her readers with the shiny bum of a spider.
Go look and get lured into her web for yourself.


  1. One sometimes peruses the Green Guide, or the on screen television menu and while I have not ever watched Mythbusters, the tale of exploding trousers interested me. Thanks for the answer.

  2. "It's Aboriginal name, Uluru, has no meaning at all."

    You mean they didn't name it after the communication's officer in Star Trek?

  3. I've had some explosions in my pants but that is a different story entirely.

  4. LOL It's actually not a bad show, Andrew ;)

    No, I think it's the name of Shatner's original hair-piece; it has become self-aware you know.

    The Chinese and Mexican dishes having a border war skirmish, Evyl?

  5. laughing at the exploding trousers when I first saw that, before I clicked on the link I was thinking all sorts of things but what was actually recorded.

  6. Leave it to the Kiwis to explode pants :-D

    Mmmm... scones... yep, I'd be in that. Happy to turn a bliund eye to quests for world domination if you feed me!

  7. 2002 Federation Square in Melbourne ( the odd space opposite Flinders Street station) was officially opened by *gag* Premier Steve Bracks even though some features weren't quite finished.

    They still aren't, Jayne. Haven't you ever noticed what's that ugly car-park abutting the Yarra River is doing there?

  8. Smutty mind, Janine LOL.

    They had nothing else to do with the trousers, Naomi, might as well explode 'em ;)

    Reuben, I try not to look at or even focus on anything in that area. It was an eyesore when I had decent vision eleventy hundred years ago!

  9. You're the girl I'd take home to mother, if I could find out visiting hours. But the place is closed now, roof like a steeple, things flying about: "Whoooooo!" going like that. You're so sweet. Funny and historical. Take down a volume. Bookmark my place.