Monday, October 27, 2008

Trivial History October 27

Beware! Tis a wild and wicked day today.
Because it's another of those infernal Mondays again.

Or you might consider a healthy time waster for today would be getting lost at the ghost town of Cocoroc.
It's another Lost & Found.

1837 Bourke Street West, in Melbourne, put on it's best social gown when a police station and gaol was erected on this day.

Oz Slanguage-
Blades = hand shears for shearing sheep.

1838 Finding that over-the-fence-gossip was getting too much for mere word of mouth, the Port Phillip Gazette began publishing the rumours and innuendo on this day.

Place Name Origin -
Bacchus Marsh in Victoria was not, according to rumour, named after calls to the great cricket wicket keeper Rodney Marsh to "Back us, Marsh", but after Captain Bacchus who built The Manor House there in 1838.

Badgery's Creek in NSW was adorned with the name of one of the earliest free settlers who took a liking to the land in 1799, James Badgery.

1839 The good ship David Clark rocked up to the Port of Port Phillip and disgorged the first load of assisted immigrants into the colony.

NZ Place Name Origin -
The Cook Strait - that bit of water you can colour in blue between the 2 Islands on a map- was named to honour Captain Cook.

1857 An explosion erupted with the Hornet Bank Massacre in Qld. With the Yiman Aboriginal people taking revenge for their unjust and cruel treatment by white settlers in the massacre of Martha Fraser and 7 of her children a free-for-all was unleashed.
Read more details HERE.

Stuff - 
 Ever the dare-devils, Kiwis were the first ones to look at an elastic cord and think, "Wouldn't it be choice to tie this to my ankles and throw myself off that really big mountain and dangle around like a yo-yo over that deadly chasm?"
And thus Bungee Jumping was born.

1900 Jimmy Governor, a serial killer who with his brother Joe Governor, murdered 9 people in NSW before being captured on this date.
The story of Jimmy Governor is better known as The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Navigate a whistle stop tour through all the Aussie towns with Big tourist attractions and you'll never have to go shopping again.
The Big Avocado in Byron Bay with a bit of The Big Banana in Coffs Harbour would go nicely with some of The Big Cheese from Bega and a sprinkling of The Big Macadamia from Nambour, while a few slices of The Big Orange in Tenterfield and a few pieces of The Big Pineapple from Nambour would go down a treat with The Big Prawn from Ballina and The Big Oyster from Taree. Of course you can't go past The Big Trout in Adaminaby or The Big Lobster in Kingston  but for more traditional fare, you really should stop and shop at The Big Potato in Robertson.

1916 Les Darcy , the Aussie Heavyweight Champion boxer, stowed away on a freighter ship to America against govt war regulations preventing able-bodied men leaving the country; his mother had refused him permission several times to join up for WW1 yet he was embarrassed to remain out of uniform in Oz.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Frock tart = someone who works on or designs costumes for actors.

1927 Snowy Cutmore and Squizzy Taylor learnt a hard lesson on this day - those who live by the sword - or in this case, gun - usually die by the same weapon.

Oddspot -
Nellie Melba's first public performance was followed with the worst criticism when her playmate declared in disgust,
"Nellie Mitchell, I could see your drawers!"

1983 The first exterior lift in NZ was found in the office building that opened on this date on the corner of Manchester and Kilmore Sts in Christchurch.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Kill two birds with one stone this Christmas by making your own cards.
Print up copies of a nice photo you want to share with the whole tribe, mount and frame it on a card, print up a nice message on the card and post to the rellies.
You've given them a small pressie in the way of a portrait and a card all in one go.


  1. "Nellie Mitchell, I could see your drawers!"

    No...that's not the worst criticism. "Nellie Mitchell, I could see that you didn't have your drawers on!" would have been worse than that.

  2. with the wind howling around here the day even sounds wild and wicked!

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  4. For pictures of some big things in Australia

  5. Dame Nellie going commando!

    Wait till the pathetic dribbles of rain hit, B, they'll calm the wild wind ;)

    Ta for those, Andrew :)
    From memory there used to be a Big Humpty Dumpty at Mildura, too, about 20+ yrs ago.

  6. I loved visiting the Big Pineapple as a kid. Nothing better than their sundaes. We used to visit their once a year at least. Went back as an adult and the sundaes were horrible. :sad: