Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trivial History October 28

Another day, another fifty cents.
Ho hum.

Don't go swimming around the Great Barrier Reef near the full moon in October, November or December as the coral starts spawning it's little heart out.
Oh and don't bother camping in the Mallee with the Mallee Fowl popping an egg out every 4 -6 days until January with the male of the species keeping the huge nest a toasty 33 degrees celcius.
Best to stay indoors until next Autumn, when all the spawning, mating, eggs and strutting is over with.

1834 The Battle of Pinjarra took place in Westralia, between 25 soldiers and approx. 60-80 Aborigines.

1890 The very first brand spankers Labour Day Celebrations shook NZ down to her cotton bloomers when parades in towns attracted thousands of trade union members and their supporters.

1897 Happy birthday Edith Head!
No, she's not an Aussie or a Kiwi but who could forget the marvellous movie costumes she created in which no woman needed to ask "does this make my bum look big?".

1898 The Early Closing Act in Westralia wasn't to shoo the blokes away from the bar but to allow shops to shut up shop at 6pm five days each week and to close "early" at 10pm on Saturdays or Wednesdays.

1916 The Referendum on the conscription Little Billy Hughes was hell-bent on shoving down the throats of the population resulted in a NO vote by a narrow margin.

1916 The NSW Correspondence School began full-time.

1919 Daisy Bates pitched her tent at Ooldea in South Oz and began caring for the Aborigines there.

1919 Westralia became the first state to legislate for ANZAC Day to be gazetted as a public holiday.

1940 German raiders were sailing up and down the coast of Oz laying mines off Newcastle, Wilson's Prom, Cape Otway, Hobart and Adelaide.

1952 Victorian Premier Thomas Tuke Hollway assumed the position in the hot seat for the 3rd time then formed the shortest lived govt (of only 4 days) when Council refused Supply and he was granted a dissolution.

1952 Little Billy Hughes was defeated in the referendum of Life.

1968 The postie ceased cursing the dogs on his route twice a day when the postal deliveries were reduced to 1 per day.
These days I'm lucky to get any deliveries any day!

1985 Police in the Canterbury district claimed a record when 110 cars were nicked during the Labour Day weekend on their patch alone.

1990 Qld was sucked into the maw of the monster when it chose to adopt Daylight Savings Time nonsense permanently.


  1. "...shops to shut up shop at 6pm five days each week and to close "early" at 10pm on Saturdays or Wednesdays."

    How cosmopolitan. In Fleetwood the entire town shuts at five p.m. every day except for Sunday and Wednesday, when they don't bother opening at all.

  2. You have to admire that coral. I would need at least a bottle of Russian giggling juice to feel the least bit inclined to 'spawn'

    Coral takes the 'doing it for the country' bit very seriously.

  3. I'd rather just stay inside with the doors and windows shut till autumn to avoid all those foul allergens. Nothing like a dose of hayfever to make you want to hibernate

  4. That sounds almost civilised, Brian.

    It's doing my share, too, apparently, Anja!

    Think you need to borrow some of Anja's Russian giggling juice, Marita ;)

  5. you probably know that Daisy Bates was married to Breaker Morant.

    the Mallee Fowl don't start laying till they are 4 years old - they have to survive the foxes for that long, and they are born WITH feathers!