Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trivial History October 29

Some little reminders for junior coaches who might happen to be reading this page.

Discrimination is treating someone unfairly or less favourably because of a personal characteristic. In Victoria it is against the law to discriminate against someone because of their actual or assumed disability or impairment in the past or present.
1794 The Flogging Parson, good old Samuel Marsden got himself a nice little plot of dirt when he was granted 100 acres at Hunters Hill, NSW.

Under Victoria's Equal Opportunity Act, it is against the law to treat someone unfairly or harass (hassle) them in sport.

1867 Newcastle folks were jiggling with joy when their streets were lit by gas.

If behaviour is based on a personal characteristic protected by law, it may be discriminatory to:
  • refuse to allow someone to play sport;
  • refuse to select someone in a sporting team;
  • exclude someone from a sporting activity.
1894 The glamorous steamship SS Wairarapa was smashed on the Great Barrier Reef with the loss of 121 lives.

Under the Equal Opportunity Act, it is against the law to treat someone unfairly who is a member of a club or applying to become a member of a club, or to harass (hassle) them because of a personal characteristic protected by law. This includes sexual harassment. The law covers members and committees of management. A club could be legally liable for an individual club member's discrimination if that member acted on the club's instructions or with its authority.

1995 The biggest Kiwi film hoax screened on NZ television when the mockumentary "Forgotten Silver" , by Costa Botes and Hobbit-man Peter Jackso, was aired.

Every person has the right to equal recognition and protection before the law. Everyone is entitled to equal and effective protection against discrimination, and to enjoy human rights without discrimination. This applies regardless of a person's age, gender, race, disability, religion, marital status and a range of other personal characteristics.


  1. Those are good laws.

    I hope you get everything worked out with FB.

    It's very wrong and unfair.

  2. I get the distinct impression you're pissed about something.. ;)

    Seriously - *hug* How's FB coping?

    Gas streetlights, eh? I've never seen them in action. Kinda sad.

  3. Thanks, Dina, it is.

    Just a wee bit, Naomi, LOL!
    FB is good, looking forward to meeting the new club today.

  4. Hope the new club meeting goes well.

    Are you going to do anything with the laws?

  5. You're really not happy with that cricketting committee are you? I can tell these things, you know.

    Cricket's crap anyway. Feral Beast should stick to his archaeology...we're a much less bigoted bunch even if we have got our heads firmly rammed in the past. (Beats having 'em rammed up our own backsides like sports committees, I suppose.)

  6. Cricket is almost as bad as Ug Boots.

  7. You seem a tad annoyed about something Jayne....... but I can't quite put my finger on what it is.........

    ;) lol


    rip em a new one!

  8. MD, new club was/is FANTASTIC!
    Yep, paperwork on it's way for me to fill out ;)

    You're a sharp one, Brian :P
    FB could always show the committee his deeeeeeeeeep hole in the backyard up close and personal, like ;)

    It's like yoghurt, Reuben, some people like it on their souvlaki's while others prefer to grow stuff in it for science ;)

    LOL Bettina, am in the process of ripping ;)

  9. Hubby is now very excitedly reminiscing about Peter Jackson. He is a strange man. Hope you get the cricket stuff sorted and FB is not hugely upset.

  10. LOL Marita, I hope you mean PJ and not your hubby who's strange ;)
    FB is calming down; his mother, though, is getting started ;)

  11. Are you doing the unthinkable again Jayne? Associated Ug Boots with Yoghurt?

  12. It's the only culture some people will ever get, Reuben ;)