Friday, October 3, 2008

Trivial History October 3

It's P.O.E.T.S Day !
(Piss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday)

1881 Mary Watson, her baby and a Chinese servant were badly wounded in an attack by Aborigines. To escape they put to sea from their home on Lizard Island, near Cooktown, Qld, in an iron tank.
Their bodies, along with a dairy Mary kept for 11 days, were later found on an island in the Howick group.

Oz Slanguage-
Toadskin = nickname for a 5 pound note, pre-decimal currancy.

1888 The first NZ Natives national rugby team to wear the silver fern played their first match in the UK, after an exhausting 6 week journey by steamship.
They soundly defeated Surrey XV 4 -1.

The first Aussie marine painter was Frederick Garling who arrived in Sydney as a child in 1815 and was reputed to have painted every vessal that sailed into Port Jackson from 1830 until 1870.

1924 Another one for Lee - Harvey Kurtzman was pupped, cartoonist and first editor of MAD magazine.

Place Name Origin -
Atherton in Qld was named after the bloke who settled the district in 1857, John Atherton.

1935 The controversial Pavlova was pupped, that sinfully rich, whipped-cream filled meringue, topped with kiwi fruit and strawberries that simply melts in your mouth and oh my god I'm hanging for one right now, I wonder where I could lay my mitts on a slice at this hour of the morning, lordy it's been years since I had one and the calories simply go straight to my hips but ohhhh it's soooo worth every delicious, scrumptious spoonful....
Anyway, a chef in the Hotel Esplanade in  Westralia, Bert Sachse, claims he created it on this day in honour of ballerina Anna Pavlova.
But them across the ditch claim they had a chef in a hotel in Wellington what whipped up the creation after the same ballerina waltzed her way across the Islands in 1926, with the first published recipe appearing in E. Futter's recipe book "Home Cookery for New Zealand" in 1926.
*sigh* So if any Kiwi's have a spare slice or 20, could they email it to me, please?

Kiwi Slanguage-
Boy-racer = name for a male hoon in a fast car with an ear-deafening stereo system.

1950 Tasman Empire Airways - these days better known as Air New Zealand - began a Sydney to Wellington route with flying boats, offering the average Kiwi the chance to connect to their flights to London for a mere 28 pounds.

Place Name Origin NZ -
Balclutha on the South Island, and the river Clutha on which the town was founded, got it's name from Scottish-Gaelic meaning "Town on the Clyde".

1952 Britian were determined to blow up lots of things, so Menzies invited them over to Oz where they detonated the first atomic bomb on the Monte Bello islands, off the coast of Westralia, in what they called Operation Hurricane.

The first savings bank opened in New Zealand in Wellington, founded at a meeting at old Barrett's Hotel 8th May 1846.
It's progress was a tad on the slow side so it was taken over by the Post Office Savings Bank in 1872.

1983 Robbie Deans, rugby player, became the highest point scorer when he blitzed 187 points from 13 games.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When painting a room always keep a container of cheap baby wipes on hand - these will effectively remove any drips or smudges, and clean up one's digits quickly when the phone rings.

1985 The first Aussie Formula One Grand Prix was raced in Adelaide.
By the way, you Crow-Eaters are welcome to have the damn thing back again!

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Take the carcass of a roast chook and boil it up for stock. Pour off half into another saucepan,add gravy powder to it and thicken, then allow to cool.
When both stock and gravy are cooled, pour into ice cube trays and store in the freezer.
These are handy for stews, casseroles, soups, pasta dishes, etc.

1992 The Vietnam Veterans National War Memorial was officially opened by PM Paul Keating, dedicated to honour the memory of Aussies who served and died in Vietnam.


  1. Darn you and your pavlovian fantasies!!!

  2. Mmmmm Pav. I love pav.

    Freezing the gravy and chicken stock in ice cube trays is a good idea. I then tip out the cubes into freezer bags once they are solidly frozen, that way I can use the ice cube tray for other stuff.

  3. "Boy-racer = name for a male hoon in a fast car with an ear-deafening stereo system."

    We have a name for them in Britain too...we call them twats.

  4. I spent the whole afternoon researching Mad Magazine and its history thanks to you :)

    Did you know Mad only ever changed its cover twice in response to a tragedy:

    When Robert Kennedy was assassinated and 9/11.

    I didn't know that until this afternoon :)

  5. Pass the whipped cream, Jeanie ;)

    Good idea, Marita :)

    POETS day is damned good, Evyl :)

    I call them choice names that turns the air blue around here, Brian :P

    Yay, glad to have inspired you , Lee :)