Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trivial History October 30

After an invite to join another new team Feral Beast had a simply wonderful training session and made new friends yesterday.
He was able to meet the cricket balls - shot from a machine at 40 miles per hour - with his bat and was found to be up to par with other players in his age group by 3 different coaches.
Goodness me, I wonder if someone else was focusing a little too much on winning and taking their own eyes off the ball?!
Perhaps those willow splinters might help them concentrate more.

1838 Drinkers, flee to the hills!
The first Temperence Meeting was held in Marvellous Melbourne.

Oz Slanguage-
Cuts = nickname for when one was given the strap at school.

1865 The Native Land Court was created in NZ, clearing the way for easier purchase of traditional Maori lands.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Doolie = nickname for a boy at a Catholic school.

1905 Fremantle Municipal Tramways were electricfied when they charged off on this day.

Place Name Origin -
Bairnsdale in Victoria got it's title from squatter Archie McLeod who called his station Bernisdale after the village in Scotland where his Dad was pupped.

Balaclava in Victoria was named to commemorate the battlefield in Russia in the Crimean War.

1918 Wowsers were winning the day when they furnished NZ Parliament with a petiton signed by 240,000 good bodies demanding the sale and brewing of grog on the Shaky Isles outlawed.

Stuff -
One wonders what was going on that a Kiwi found the need to invent the tranquilizer dart gun!

1918 The Armistice was signed with Turkey.

Junior Cricketer's Code-
Cricketers should be people who do not boast; nor quit; nor make excuses when they fail. They should be cheerful losers, and quiet winners. They should play fairly and as well as they can. They should enjoy the pleasure of risk. They should give their opponents the benefit of the doubt and value the game itself more highly than the result.

1965 Jean Shrimpton shocked the good matrons of Marvellous Melbourne when she graced Derby Day races at Flemington sans stockings, gloves, hat and in a *gasp* mini dress!


The largest sporting event held at the MCG since the 1956 Melbourne Olympics was the 6th World Police and Fire Games.

1985 Canterbury farmers were a bit more than miffed at the low prices they were receiving for their baa-baas so they slaughtered 2,500 of them in protest.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
For a Well Planned Revenge explore all the options in your pantry then methodically plan your meal.
Take a kilo of Advice, 3 tablespoons of Politeness, 2 cups of Meticulous Note Taking and 1 litre of Research.
Combine in a bowl with Patience, then cover and place in the freezer for several days.
For, as we all know, a Well Planned Revenge is a dish best served cold.


  1. "Doolie = nickname for a boy at a Catholic school."

    I can think of a few better ones...but I'd better not.

  2. Glad the new cricket team is going well. Love G'ma M's recipe.

  3. Brothel Creepers are more than just a pair of shoes, Brian ;)

    I thought G.M had done well with her recipe today, too, Marita ;)

  4. I remember the cane and the cuts - not personally however.

    On the new cricket team!!! woo hoo.

  5. new cricket team woohoot!

    still can't help but think that you are a tad miffed at something or other............. ;)

  6. oh I like that recipe, thats a good one. Whoo hoot at the new cricket team, seems like the organizers of the old club shoul relook at the Junior cricketers code themselves.

  7. re Balaclava: it also has Crimea St.
    My first job was at the Commonwealth Bank there in 1965.

  8. The rumours of the cuts and canes were enough, Jeanie lol.

    Not getting mad, getting even, B ;)

    Exactly, Janine!

    They were employing babes in prams, Ann ?

  9. It's great to see that he is getting along good with a new team. That's great.